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Manta Queen 7 first trip into the Similan diving season

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Manta Queen 7 first trip into the Similan diving season

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On the 27 of October our Liveaboard Manta Queen 7, left the Khao Lak harbour of Thaplamu on first trip of the Similan and Surin dive season.

On board were guests from all over the world including, Germany, England, Australia and China and excitement filled the air as we watched the fire crackers explode, wishing us good luck and safe voyage on our journey.

When we woke we were surrounded by the paradise like, Similan Islands. After a light breakfast we all got ready and did our check dive on the beautiful dive site called "Anitas Reef" and we saw lots of garden eels, big coral bommeis and parrotfish. After a delicious and replenishing eggs and bacon fry up we ventured into the water again at a dive site called "West of Eden" and around all the big gorgeous gorgonian sea fans we saw the famous sparring mantis shrimp, tuna and a beautiful wise turtle.
After a yet again stunning lunch, we ventured into the depth of a dive site called "Deep Six".
Just after the sun had set we ventured into the water again for our night dive and we saw loads of giant moray eels, crabs and feather starfish. After a lovely dinner and conversation everyone fell into their beds happy and tired from a great day diving.

Day two started a little earlier with the top dive site at the Similan Island National Park "Elephant Head Rock" which again showed us its many secrets. The second dive was "Three Trees", which showed us the enormity of trigger fish. We did some awesome swim through’s and saw cool puffer fish and box fish at "Turtle Rock" that evening.

On the third we left the Similan islands with a heavy heart and headed to Koh Bon. In Koh Bon we dove "West Ridge" and enjoyed all the soft coral and big schools of trevallies and glass fish and everything it had to offer. We then headed towards Koh Tachai and jumped in for a sunset dive and "The Dome". There was many big schools of fish, including a big school of barracuda and we enjoyed watching the feeding frenzies going on.

On the fourth day, early in the morning with dove "The Dome" again and then headed towards "Richelieu Rock". We did three dives there and we saw plenty of big schools of fish, cuttle fish mating, box fish, nudibranches, shrimps and white eyed moray eels.

On the last day we started the day at the fantastic dive site "Hin Luang" at Koh Bon again and we enjoyed a very peaceful dive with loads of big schools of fish. It was a GREAT dive and everyone enjoyed it throughouly.

After that we headed back to mainland and did our last dive on the "Boonsung Wreck" where we literally dove in fish soup and saw plenty of puffer fish, honeycombed moray eels, scorpion fish and lionfish. Happy and exhausted we headed back to Khao Lak after a great trip.

Everybody enjoyed their Similan Island Liveaboard trip!

The Team of Khao Lak Scuba Adventures

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