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Manta Queen 7 back from paradise after 5 days of excellent diving conditions!

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Manta Queen 7 back from paradise after 5 days of excellent diving conditions!

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Manta Queen 7 Trip Number 70, 5 day sand 5 nights to Similan Islands and Richelieu Rock.

Just back in from an awesome trip! 5 days and nights of Similan Islands, Koh Bon, Koh Tachai and Richelieu Rock!!!
We were spared from the current and green monsters that Similan Islands are famous for and fortunately had excellent conditions of blue calm water with 25m visibility on many of our coolest dive spots. Elephant Head Rock swim throughts early in the morning, to late evenings on the Dome of Tachai, twice!!! We had turtles around the boat and turtles swimming around cuttlefish and mating octopus at Richelieu Rock. Our guests brought the same degree of diversity with them from all across the planet, some guests had hundreds or even thousands of dives, and then others doubled all the dives in their life during the trip. Fun groups and great food are the standard on Manta Queen 7. Swarming barracudas and fusiliers were the standard at Koh Tachai Island. All groups observed large Napoleons on several dive sites and a few we’re lucky enough to see a black tip reef shark. A great start to the season with anticipation to see what the rest will have in store for us.
A very big thank you for the live music performance by two very talented guests, Yannick and Joanne, and a special birthday party for our very own cook, P’Nu!! Thanks a lot guys!

Congratulations to Felix, Kristina, Toby and Flo for completing their PADI Advanced Open Water course on board with Jeff!

Thank you to all the wonderful guests we had onboard for making this a memorable trip for Manta Queen 7.

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