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Manta Queen 7 back from another Mantastic Trip at Similan Islands

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Manta Queen 7 back from another Mantastic Trip at Similan Islands

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Manta Queen 7 Similan Liveaboard Trip No. 60

Manta Queen 7 set off on her 60th voyage in what was to be an epic trip ahead.

Things started at Anita’s Reef where the usual splendour of assorted Marine Life was there to greet us, With Fields of Garden Eels and Blue Spotted Stingrays sighted things were off to a good start. We moved to West of Eden and Deep Six and saw Spearing Mantis Shrimp, Black Tips and White Tip Sharks. We finished the day off at Hideaway bay with a night dive.

The next morning dive was at Elephant Head Rock to check out the swim troughs and large granite boulder scenery where Giant Morays and Ribbon Eels was a good bonus to the action, Barry the resident Barracuda was Spotted by the Guest whilst diving at Christmas Point and gave a everyone a fine talking point. The final dive was at Turtle rock for a change of pace, with its maze like formation of swim throughs to keep things interesting, the guest came back on board with a sense of diving assault course accomplishment.

Day three began with a fresh early Dip at Koh Bon North Ridge followed by the West Ridge, the guest found that Kon Bon Island had a lot to offer with brilliant amounts of schooling fish hunting, Nudi branches and active cleaning stations. During the surface interval we moved to Koh Tachai to do the remainder of out days diving, with beautiful aquatic conditions reminiscence of a tropical aquarium with Huge Schools of Barracudas, Tunas, Giant Traveley things were made even better when a Manta Ray Showed up to give all our guest a Magnificent showing of its size and grace. We Moored up after and watch the sun set on a fine day of diving.
After the morning dive at the dome again, we headed of to the famous Richelieu Rock in glorious Thailand conditions, In the two dives we did here we saw schools of barracuda, Yellow Snappers, Pufferfish, pipefish, Box fish, Zebra Morey, White Eyed Morey and many many more. We headed back to Koh Tachai once again to finish another great day of diving!!

Early bird catches the worm, Day five saw us at Lin Luange (yellow Rock) were within minute saw 5 Large Marble Stingray hovering gracefully over the deep pinnacle, strong Current and thermo cline kept the group on their toes, we moved over to the West Ridge after breakfast and saw some Octopus and Giant Morey Hunting. We Finished this amazing trip with the Boonsung Wreck which never disappoints.

On behalf of all the staff on the Manta Queen 7, we would like to thank everyone that came on the trip with us, hope that everyone enjoyed it as much as we all did.

The Team of Khao Lak Scuba Adventures

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