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Manta Queen 6 voyage 226 to the Similan Islands and Richelieu Rock

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Manta Queen 6 voyage 226 to the Similan Islands and Richelieu Rock

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Similan Island Liveaboard Manta Queen 6 Trip Number 226

On a clear and wonderful night Manta Queen 6 set out of Khao Lak on its 4 day 4 night trip, aboard a very excited and enthusiastic team of 14 Taiwanese guests and two dive instructors, one from Holland and one from Germany to explore the Similan Islands.

Day one started with a dive at Anitas Reef where we enjoyed being surrounded by glass fish, cleaner wrasse and all the Similan Islands has to offer. Dive two was at West of Eden where we visited the resident spearing mantis shrimp and enjoyed the scenic views of the big gorgonion sea fans and beautiful soft corals. Dive three was at Deep Six where we enjoyed the beautiful ribbon eels and the huge boulders that the Similan Islands are famous for. To top off a good days diving we plunged into darkness at Hideaway Bay where we enjoyed seeing the Tsunami Memorial statues and all the little shrimps and crabs hiding in the cracks and crevices.

Day two started out with a lovely dive at Elephant Head Rock where we enjoyed seeing some more ribbon eels and the maze of swim throughs between the massive boulders. Dive two was at Koh Bon's West Ridge where we enjoyed exploring the ridge and just letting the world of trevallies hunting glass fish pass us by. Dive three of the day was at Koh Bons Northridge where some groups got lucky enough to see a black tip reef shark, a sea moth and even a few big blotched fantail rays. Happy and excited for the next day we headed further north towards Koh Tachai and did our last dive of the day at the Dome where we saw a big school of barracuda.

Day three started off at the world famous Richelieu Rock where we spend the next three dives. We saw plenty of different kinds of moray eels, frog fish, pineapple fish, pipefish, ghost pipefish, nudibranches, tiger egg cowries and plenty more. To end off a good days diving we did one more dive at the Dome at Koh Tachai. Our last day started off with a dive at Koh Bon Hin Luang, also known as yellow rock. We visited the resident stonefish called Stewie. Dive two was at Koh Bon's Northridge again where we enjoyed seeing a leopard shark, marble ray, blotched fantail rays and even a 1.95m big nurse shark hiding under a coral bommie.

The last dive of the trip was at the Boonsung Wreck where huge schools of fish surrounded us and we saw plenty of nudibranches. Happy and tired we headed back towards Khao Lak.

The Manta Queen 6 boat crew and dive staff wishes everyone safe further travels and happy bubbles.

The Team of Manta Queen 6 powered by Khao Lak Scuba Adventures.

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