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Manta Queen 6 Trip Number 237, awesome 4 days and 4 nights liveaboard to Similan Islands!

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Manta Queen 6 Trip Number 237, awesome 4 days and 4 nights liveaboard to Similan Islands!

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Manta Queen 6 just return from a fantastic 4 days and 4 nights liveaboard trip at Similan Islands, Koh Bon, Koh Tachai, Richelieu Rock and Boon Sung Wreck.

After Captain Song Ram has driven us through a calm nights sea to the Similan Islands we started our first day for a Check Dive in Anita's Reef. Big colorful Parrot fishes, a whole yard of Garden Eels, several Kuhls Ray and Moray Eels accompanied us while we got to know each other underwater - pretty standard for the Similan Islands .
We continued our journey to West of Eden where we found Squat Shrimps and a Giant Barracuda chilling out next to a rock waiting for lunch time and while we were cruising throught the water a Octopus came by to say hi.
Lunch was a delight, P' Tum and P' Pu our kitchen staff surprised everyone with a delicious meal out of our little boat kitchen.
Our next dive was at Elephant Head Rock. Our Cruise director Nik chose this dive site to be next cause of the favourable tide change - thus we barely had any current and enjoyed a long dive in a garden of huge boulders and through adventurous swim throughs.
A journey in the Similan Islands is not complete without a long relaxing walk on the beach on Island no. 8 at Donald Duck Bay. Feeling the warm sand between our toes and sitting on the swing dreaming about never leaving this paradise. Some of us enjoyed a small hike up to Sail Rock and were amazed by the beauty of the view over the beach and the island.
We rounded our first day with a night dive at Waterfall Bay with huge Lobsters, Crabs and Cuttlefishes.
We then got spoiled again with yummy dinner and a well deserved beer... what a perfect day .

We kick started our second day with a early dive at North Point. Pipefishes and Pipe horses, Blue Spotted Rays, a bunch of Nudies and lots of lots of fish was on the plan.
We then cruised to Koh Bon Island where the wall impressed all of us with so much life. A family of Shrimps and Crabs greeted us along the way on our search for colorful Nudibranches while Lion fishes are gracefully swimming past us and if fishes could sing, that Napoleon Wrass would have been humming the Marsaillies while chilling on the West Ridge.
After two Dives in Koh Bon we made our way to Koh Tachai but not without a Mink Whale curiously following and surfacing next to our boat and blessing us with a few blows through its blowhole and then disappearing in the depths.
Arrived in Koh Tachai we went for our romantic Sunset dive on the Dome and found ourselves surrounded by a huge school of Barracudas.
Dinner was delicious Thai Food with spicy pork BBQ and Thai chicken cake, yummy yummy yummy I've got love in my tummy became our theme song on this trip.
Whats better than starting the day with an early morning dive at legendary Richelieu Rock where we sighted an Octopus changing colors and lots of Scorpion Fishes trying to hide from our guides sharp eyes by camouflaging themselves between the purple corals. Big schools of fishes swimmimg and dancing in the current around the top of the rock just like in a Cousteau Film.
Our second and third dive were still at Richelieu Rock and we saw more banded Shrimps and Crabs and more White Eyed Morray Eels and all variations of Chevron, Great and Yellowtail Barracudas.
Again we rounded our day with a Sunset dive at the Dome in Koh Tachai where we couldn't get enough of watching Morray Eels getting cleaned by Wrasses and Barracudas on the hunt for dinner.
Just after a delicious dinner all of a sudden the lights went off... "Happy Birthday to you Yves..." and unexpectedly a birthday candle cake came up the stairs. Our kitchen team just never stops surprising us .

Good Morning Similan Islands! Fourth and last day of our adventurous Manta Queen 6 liveaboard trip started with a plunge down to deep dive site Koh Bon Hin Luang. As the name says (Luang = Yellow), lots of beautiful yellow soft corals and just when we reached the pinnacle, an Octopus sitting on his rock throne watching us strange creatures bubbling and approaching. Quick angry color change from white to black telling one of our guests to watch his depth as he came closer to the rocks .
Visibility was an amazing 40+ meters and we continued down to the depths to go look for sharks. If size matters, that giant exemplar of a Stone fish definitely took it literally, sitting under a rock roof waiting for a uncautious fish breakfast to swim by.
Our next and last dive in the Similan Islands was at Koh Bon West Ridge and if some of us skipped showers the last few days, the Cleaner Wrasses definitely made sure they get clean again before we get back to the Mainland .
We crowned our liveaboard with a dive at the infamous Boonsung Wreck. If some of us haven’t seen any of the plenty Scorpion Fishes yet, they surely couldnt miss them parading on the old structures of the sunken mining platform. Honeycomb Morray Eels and Schools of Puffer fishes, Fussiliers and Baby Barracudas were swarming around us. What a day, what a trip, a legendary trip comes to an end. We will still be dreaming about the warm clear waters in the similans long after we get back in our daily life, planning our next adventure.

The Team of Manta Queen 6 powered by Khao Lak Scuba Adventures!

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