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Manta Queen 6, Trip 116 - Mantas, Whale Sharks, Reef Shark!!

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Manta Queen 6, Trip 116 - Mantas, Whale Sharks, Reef Shark!!

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What a spectacle with a 5m Manta and White Tip Reef Shark at Koh Bon and a load of fish action at Tachai with a great variety of Trevally & Barracuda schoolling over the top of the dome. Richelieu was amazing as ever with plenty of hidden treats to show off to our divers, but this time something more impressive took our breath away and on more than one occassion...WHALESHARKS!! A 5m and 2.5m were seen on all 3 dives at the Rock.
 What's more is how well our divers respected these beautiful beasts of the sea by keeping a safe distance and passively observing them gracefully circle around times we had to avoid being swiped by the tail as curiosity often got the better of Willy the Whaleshark who seemed to enjoy cruising directly over our bubbles. Our snorkeler Audrey had the trip of a lifetime seeing all these magnificent creatures from the surface and therefore getting up close & personal.
The trip finished on a high with Cyril, Javier, Olga & Jette completing their Advanced course on the last day at Boon Sung Wreck. Congratulations & big thank you to their Instructors Judith & Ben.
To our guests, safe onward travel and happy diving!!

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