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Manta Queen 5 Trip Number 105

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Manta Queen 5 Trip Number 105

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Manta Queen 5 on a 3 days and 3 nights cruise to Similan Island Marine Park and Koh Bon Island.

After 2 days of amazing diving we all came back on board Manta Queen Liveaboards, we enjoyed the afternoon snacks, while the Captain began the short journey north to Koh Bon from the Similan Islands. We arrived in time to do another sunset dive, which we did at the Koh Bon West Ridge. We saw a whole family of Napolean Wrasse swimming by. Mom, Dad, and baby. There were many fusiliers everywhere out in the blue and the moray eels out and about, hunting amongst the corals for smaller fish.

After another exciting day, we were all ready to have a nice dinner and relax back on the boat, which of course, we did.

On the last day of our cruise.

Rise and Shine! Our third and final day of diving began near where we left off in Koh Bon. For the first dive of the day, we hit Koh Bon Pinnacles also knowed and Hin Luang (yellow rock). We started off along the wall, where we spotted several sponge snails, a pipefish hiding in a little crevice, and several other little critters. When we got to the ridge, the current was quite strong, so we tried our best to hide under the cover of the ridge. The visibility was excellent tho, and the soft corals were shining bright in the morning sunlight. At the edge of the ridge, we saw a large white tip reef shark circling over the point of the ridge.

After breakfast, we made another slight move north along the coast of Koh Bon, to dive at the Koh Bon North Ridge. There was a bit of strong current but we were able to use it to drift along the site. Napolean made an appearance once again. We spotted a huge Trevalley speeding over the ridge in pursuit of prey, and several Banded Sea Kraits were seen hunting in the corals. We also spotted a Peacock Mantis Shrimp creeping out of his hole.

Once we were all back aboard, Captain set out towards our final dive destination of the trip, the Boonsung Wreck. We descended onto the wreck using the mooring line. We found several Honeycomb Morays of all different sizes, several Scorpion Fish, as well as a few Nudibranch. Loads of Snappers and Fusiliers circled just over the wreck, and many Lionfish and Porcupine Puffers were also swimming around. An excellent finale to what was already a wonderful trip!!!

Thank you all for this amazing trip!

The Team of Manta Queen 5 powered by Khao Lak Scuba Adventures.

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