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Manta Queen 3 Trip #2

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Manta Queen 3 Trip #2

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So Blessed be the gods that deliver the sharks as they were sighted on Anita's Reef on the first dive of the trip and also on Deep Six where quiet a curious one swam around for a couple of groups. Highlight for a few was the night dive where a baby white tip was spotted and repeatedly swam around us. 

What really made this trip was the people... what can i say, they made this a fun mix from lots of countries with so many characters that were hard to forget... Those who completed courses aboard Manta Queen 3 this trip congratulations to Neal, Lois, Liam, Jim, Alex, Chris, Simon, Julia, Marcel, Filiz, Jaigang. 

Hope to see you all again.[embed=gallery]{"file":"/","place":"user:58"}[/embed][embed=gallery]{"file":"/","place":"user:58"}[/embed]


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