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Manta Queen 3 Trip #108

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Manta Queen 3 Trip #108

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Island 7 gave us our first Sea Moth which is always a crowd pleaser as how can little animal that looks like a squished bird or a wind up toy you used to play with in the bath, one, be so damned hard to see, two, not get blowen away in the currents. ah. the magic.



Octopus are always a favourite and Elephant Head Rock brought smiles to our diles with large octopus out roaming and putting on fabulous colour and shaping shows to show off for the cameras. Even little ones hiding in the cracks with their little eyes peeping out couldn't be more enjoyable to see at 6.45am











Is always great to see a non diver who has come onbaord to finish his Open Water Course and spend 14 dives not only loving the sea and what it has to offer but also than deciding to continue on and become an Advanced Open Water diver so well done Maximillian. Lets not forget the other certifications this trip with Julio, Nuriani, and Jiri with their shiny new Nirtox cards. Gunnar, David, Susanna, Loic and Jiri were great completing their Advanced Open Water courses and of course Holly and Linda with their Deep Adventures certificates.


Thanks to all for a great trip and see you all again!!!!


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