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Manta Queen 3 Trip #107 was Absolutely Awesome!!!

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Manta Queen 3 Trip #107 was Absolutely Awesome!!!

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Day two was full of surprises, including countless swim throughs at Elephant Head and Christmas Point, Ribbon Eels, more Sharks, even these two little Robust Ghost Pipefish that we found at Christmas Point:


A group of us also went ashore to the beach at Similan Island #8 in Donald Duck Bay. We hiked up to the viewpoint underneath Sail Rock...


There had been Mantas spotted earlier on the day on the West Ridge at Koh Bon, but sadly, we missed them. Still some great diving though, with some really big Tuna Fish and a pair of mating Octopus, plus this one out hunting on the sunset dive at Tachai Pinnacle:


Richelieu Rock is always fantastic, from the juvenile Emperor Angelfish to the Zebra Morays, and even Nemo, this famous dive site is always sure to please. 


And of course a classic favorite, these little Tiger Egg Cowries:


The final day was bittersweet, with incredible diving at Koh Bon Pinnacle and at the Boonsung Wreck, but all the while knowing we were due back on land in just a few too-short hours. That was the bad news. The good news: We are going out tomorrow to do it all over again!!! :-)


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