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Manta Queen 3 Trip #101 is in the Books!

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Manta Queen 3 Trip #101 is in the Books!

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Richelieu... Rocks!!! Three dives on Richelieu Rock today, and we all wanted more! After a sunrise dive at Tachai, we cruised for several hours over calm seas to Richelieu. The first dive we had a huge school of large Emperor fish feeding on glassfish among the rocks. So much activity, with the large fish darting this way and that, chasing after what looked to be an easy meal for them. Dive number two saw Pipefish, a pair of mating Cuttlefish, Many different types of Moray Eels, and even a few Tiger Egg Cowries! The highlight of the sunset dive had to be the schooling Tuna, feeding on a small ball baitfish that were trying their best to stay in the middle rather than the exposed outer edges of the group. Some of the Tuna were up to one meter long, and fast. WOW!

  The final day was perfection. Almost no current at Koh Bon Pinnacle, with schooling Trevally above and a pair of mating Octopus beneath us. Then on to the final dive at the Boonsung Wreck. Stingrays, Cuttlefish, honeycomb Morays and Spearing Mantis Shrimp rounded out the day. After four days on the beautiful and newly renovated Manta Queen III, it left everyone wanting just one thing. Well ok, maybe four things. Everyone agrees, all we want is to DIVE, EAT, SLEEP & REPEAT!



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