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Manta Queen 3 back from a spectacular dive trip at Similan Islands and Richelieu Rock

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Manta Queen 3 back from a spectacular dive trip at Similan Islands and Richelieu Rock

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Manta Queen 3 Similan Island Liveaboard Trip Number 213

33 excited divers stepped on the boat as Manta Queen 3 was about to start its 213th journey out to the Similan Islands. The levels of the divers on the boat varied from people doing their first dives in the sea, to experienced divers with hundreds of dives. Just as we like it!

The first dive we did at the all so beautiful West of Eden. This dive site offered us some beautiful creatures such as frogfish, spearing mantis shrimp and big schools of fusiliers. Dive number 2 of the day we did at one of Similan Islands most famous dive sites: Elephant Head Rock. The dives following we explored Christmas Point, and then after a favourite, the night dive at Mooring Bay.

Day number two was just as exciting as day 1. We enjoyed dives at North Point at the northern Similan Islands, where some lucky divers saw a White Tip Reef Shark, Koh Bon Island and Koh Tachai. At Koh Bon Island a friendly Leopard Shark came to visit us and Koh Tachai was amazing.

Diving Richelieu Rock on the third day was like always stunning. Beautiful colors, big schools of fish and some cool macro things like Frogfish and Sea Horses. We also had two Turtles waving at us on the inside of the big rock and the divers who were lucky enough to see it was super happy. Best dives of the trip on Richelieu Rock!

Last day the mood was getting low because everybody knew that we only had 3 dives left. But as soon as we got in the water at Koh Bon Hin Luang we forgot all about it, the dive was amazing. The entire rock is covered in small yellow soft corals and it shined as the sun slowly rised at our morning dive. The next dive we did at Koh Bon West Ridge which was nice and easy. Lastly we enjoyed our 15th dive at Boonsung Wreck where we saw baby barracudas, porcupine fish and small nudibranchs. Simply beautiful.

Congratulations to all of our students who completed some courses with us. First of all Debbie who completed her PADI Open Water Course.
Anthony, Kristen, Jii Min and Zhiya Fan who completed their PADI Advanced Open Water. Francis and Xavier who did their PADI Deep Diver Course. And lastly our PADI Nitrox students: Dave, Anne-Marie, Jane , Takashi, Jieun, Fabinne, Emilie. Congratulations everybody!

Big thank you to all of our customers, hope to see you again.

The Team of Manta Queen 3 and Khao Lak Scuba Adventures

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