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Manta Queen 2 Trip 172, Tigertail Seahorse at Richelieu Rock

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Manta Queen 2 Trip 172, Tigertail Seahorse at Richelieu Rock

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Manta Queen 2, 3 days and 3 nights Koh Bon, Tachai Island and world famouse Richelieu Rock

Koh Tachai was beautiful with sightings of zebra moreys, nudibranch, anenome crabs and giant barracudas. With limited water movement it was peaceful being underwater with the sunshine streaking through overhead and lighting all the colours the reef has to offer.

Making the call with the seas being as flat as they were we decided that four dives on the famous Richelieu Rock was the best bet. SO heading north early on the morning of day 2 with rain greeting us at wake up call. By the time it was briefing time the sun was coming up to make a beatuiful day all round.

Richelieu Rock was back to its full speed with 30m visibility and schools of fish or all colours and shapes. Going to find the Tigertail Seahorse was a suprise to see there were actually two of the awesome animals ahnging out together in the soft corals of 25m.

Cuttlefish were putting on some adult only shows all over the dive site from the shallows under the boat at 5m to the deeps outter ranges of 30m. The resdient frogfish is back and as beatiful as ever with is bright pink skin and down turned mouth...

A big thanks to everyone on this trip and hope to see you again at Khao Lak Scuba Adventures, The Manta Queen Fleet

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