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Manta Queen 2 on the road again to the Similan and Surin Islands

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Manta Queen 2 on the road again to the Similan and Surin Islands

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Hey Ho, here we go! Manta Queen 2 Liveaboard is on the road again!

Excited people all around the place, waiting for the trip leader to finish his endless (but very important) safety briefing, and to finally get to the point where the dive guides are giving the handsignals to descend into the blue water of Koh Bon Island. During some awesome dives, we discover the North and West­ridge of the island.

The resident male napoleon wrasse was so excited about our arrival, if he had legs, he would have climbed up to the dive deck to say hi to our groups. But without legs he just waited for us right underneath the boat. Just a few octopus and a couple of peacock mantis shrimps later a leopard shark showed himself from surprisingly close. Long timeno see! I am glad they came back to many of our dive sites!

We have finished the day with two outstanding dives at the famous Dome of Tachai Island. The amount of fish was crazy! Some of us were wondering if we are diving in fish or is it still more water around us?!
At the end of the day, enjoying a a decompression beer we have learned some dice games from our group from Taiwan and then everyone went to sleep.

WAKEY ­WAKEEEEY! Another day to live for and some more dives to do! Day 2 started with a bit deeper exploration of the Tachai pinnacles followed by our wonderful chefs mountain of breakfast.
A brilliant start of an awesome day. Then we began our cruise to the famous Richelieu Rock. The water was so clear, we could see through the whole dive site from the surface, down to the bottom. Wowww! What a treat! But the story just began here! Our first seahorse of the season, a couple of frog fish, countless shrimps and an incredible amount of other fish all around! And obviously the fantastic underwater panorama..maaaan!

Goooood morning, Day 3 on Manta Queen 2! And that means only one thing! Diving Koh Bon­ Hin Luang for breakfast! Stewe the stone fish is at home, waking up to see excited people having a look at his bedroom when all of a sudden we hear... *clinkclink*...all eyes are up in the blue..really?! is it?!

Yeahhhh baby! A WHALE SHARK! What an entry?! This big boy came out of nowhere to check us out! What a dive...
After another beautiful dive at Koh Bon we made our way back towards the mainland, to get in the water one more time and have a look at the 'fish soup' of the Boonsung Wreck.
After saying good bye to the boat and the crew, everyone is leaving with some new stamps in their logbooks and some pretty good memories from this trip.




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