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Manta Queen 2- Beautiful Andaman Sea

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Manta Queen 2- Beautiful Andaman Sea

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Manta Queen 2 TRIP# 173

As we set sail from Khao Lak with hope in our hearts upon the gentle rocking waves of the Andaman Sea our excitment could hardly be contained with the prospects of what was to come during our three day Liveaboard
On our arrival at Koh Bon, within the Similan National Marine Park, we were greeted by Napoleon Wrasse, sea snakes and ocotpus. After meandering along the wall during the start of the second dive we arrived down at the west ridge. With some current coming from the north we stayed on the protected side of the ridge spotting nudibranchs and sponge snails alike. Even the beautiful rosettes or the Spainsh Dancer's eggs...

Koh Tachai, in the Surin National Marine Park, delivered in spectacular form with a raging current which had people clinging to the mooring line with all their might. upon decent and arriving at the reef where the current was considerably less there was a small Hawksbill Turltle to greet everyone who arrived. Nudibranchs galore and anenome crabs with Clarks Clownfish. On the top of the granite dome the fish action was world class with trevally feeding and dog tooth tuna. keeping pace with the current there was an ocotpus holding on for all its might.

Waking on day our spirits were lifted by the soft warming glow of the rising sun over the Manta Queen 2.
The dive deck was in full hustle and bustle of divers getting kitted up just itching to plunge into the water and experience the beauty that is Richelieu Rock. As always the rocky pinnacle delivered with over four dives exciting encounters with schoold of barracuda and batfish, Ornate Ghostpipefish, Seahorse, zebra morey, cleaner pipefish, peacock mantis shrimp.

Before we knew it the day was over and our Richelieu Day was complete with guests asking if there was trip run that only did Richelieu Rock for 11 dives. We will put this idea to management unpon arrival... with all smiling faces evcen though everyone could have continued onto the next day at this ever impressive dive site we travelled back south to Koh Bon. Dive groups finished off navigation for their PADI Advanced Open Water Courses while others enjoyed a relaxing dive with Whip Coral shrimp, ocotpus, Nudis and turtles...

Finishing off on the Boonsung Wreck and Premchai Wreck gave everyone a taste for the 'Fish Soup' that dive guides call these sites as schools of fish can block the sun with the dense amount of life on these wrecks...Giant Cobias, honeycomb moreys, nudibranchs, crocodile fish, batfish, barracuda, and juvenile angelfish were all amounst the glory that is the local wreck sites of Khao Lak....

Come see for yourself our amazing Andaman Sea, all are welcome at Khao Lak Scuba Adventures!


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