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Manta Queen 1 Trip 3 Clean Up

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Manta Queen 1 Trip 3 Clean Up

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We all like to travel, to visit different places and see the amazing landscapes all over the world, in the surface or underwater…but if we don’t help to keep the environment clean, there will be a day where everything will be full of trash, we will spend all of our incomes in the place we live, there will be no point of traveling and enjoying life will be much more boring. 

We can enjoy a great dive or a walk in the beach, and spending one second picking up something costs nothing… We were surprised that in the Similan Archipelago there wasn’t too much to clean up, but still we have collected some debris.




















We were impressed of the reaction of the people onboard; Thanks very much to all of you for helping us! We know that you will continue helping the world wherever you are… Hope one day there is nothing to clean up! J 

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