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Manta Queen 1 set´s sail for the first trip of the Similan Island dive season 2016 - 2017

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Manta Queen 1 set´s sail for the first trip of the Similan Island dive season 2016 - 2017

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Manta Queen 1 - Similan Islands Trip number 228.

The 2016-17 Similan Islands Dive season is upon us and the crew of Manta Queen 1 is ready to go with a super bunch of passengers. Check in with our amazing new facilities is now easier and faster.

Our first day in the Similan Islands started with Anita’s Reef. Everyone was very excited to start diving. We jumped in to find amazing visibility and really calm underwater conditions. Explored our way around 1 gigabyte rock to find some interesting life including gardens eels, blue spotted stingrays and many others.

Dive 2 took us to Deep Six where we found some awesome coral gardens. Even a black tip shark was spotted. Dive 3 was at Hideway Bay and we got a good look at the Tsunami Memorial, and some artificial reef that seems to be encouraging new coral growth and attracting plenty of marine life. We finished our first day with a night dive at Honeymoon Bay at Similan Islands 4 which everyone really enjoyed. Cuttlefish, blue spotted stingrays, and lobsters to name a few were seen by most. It was an awesome day of diving and great way to start our trip.

Day 2 had everyone awake early and ready to go. The first dive site we dove at was Beacon Reef a great place to start out with some gentle sloping sandy areas with loads of coral balmies and some beautiful shelf coral drop offs. Dive 2 was done at Three Trees off of Similan Island number 9. Plenty of marine life on one and maybe our best dive of the trip so far. We got to hang out up close and personal with a turtle that was feeding and didn’t seem to mind us watching it. Our 3rd dive took us to Breakfast Bend were we had a very relaxing and enjoyable dive. Dive 4 was at Big Mooring Bay although most people were a little worn out by now everyone was still enjoying the diving and now it was time for a hot shower and an amazing meal from Katai our onboard chef.

Day 3 and another early start with everyone ready to go started at Tuna Wreck with its coral hills and sloping sandy valleys was perfect way to start. Time for some breakfast and chatter about our dives. The second and final dive of the trip we jumped at Anita’s Reef east. Starting with a sandy slope and some very interesting marine life and making our way to the Northeast corner where we were able to explore the massive boulders to the delight of our divers.

It was time to head back to Khao Lak. Everyone had a wonderful trip and many new friends were made. We would also like to congratulate the many students onboard. New PADI Open Water divers Michael, Sara and Mads!! Awesome job on your course and welcome to the club. Doing their PADI Advanced Open Water course was Jessica, Maryna, Verena, Frank and Justin. Great job!! The PADI Nitrox Course was completed by Zhao, enjoy your extra NDL time.

Once back at Khao Lak Scuba Adventures it was time to say goodbye to our new friends. We were sad to see them go but were looking forward to making some more bubbles with you in the future. Until then happy diving from the Manta Queen 1 crew.

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