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Manta Queen 1 check´s out the Koh Prathong Wreck returning from a 4 days and 4 nights liveabord cruise

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Manta Queen 1 check´s out the Koh Prathong Wreck returning from a 4 days and 4 nights liveabord cruise

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Manta Queen 1, 4 days and 4 nights Liveaboard Trip Number 194

Of we go again to the Similan Islands with a big group from Taiwan, divers from Thailand, Germany, Norway, Australia and England.

First of we begin on Anita's reef followed up with Deep Six for a spot of shark spotting, white tip reef shark and numerous trevallies seen cruising around in the deep. One of the recommendations for night diving is to do the site during the day, so West of Eden was our choice for the rest of the day, diving here twice with numerous lobsters.

Day 2 started with a split group, one on Elephant Head starting on the south side and one on the pinnacle, followed by another dive jumping on the Deep South side of Elephant Head where we get to see a pair of white tip reef sharks.
Koh Bon Island and Koh Tachai Island for a sunset dive finish off the day.

Day 3 begins this time on The Dome at Koh Tachai Island with excellent conditions due to the almost new moon, light current, great viz and loads of barracudas, after which we move north to spend the rest of the day at the wonderful Richelieu Rock with its richness of marine life.

Day 4 begins on the wreck of the Prahtong Shipwreck sank deliberately about two seasons ago. We revisit the wreck to check how the marine life is starting to populate the wreck, numerous lionfish and scorpion fish swim around with barracudas and baitfish. We finish the trip with two dives on the Boonsung an all time favourite with great conditions.

Congratulations to Marcel on his PADI Open Water Diver Course and deep adventure dive, Ellie for her adventure night dive...two more to go Ellie and not forgetting Bartz and Joseph fit their PADI Deep Adventure dives also.

Thanks to you all and hope to see you all again soon...


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