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Manta Festival at Koh Bon

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Manta Festival at Koh Bon

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Manta Queen 6 Trip Number 228, Similan Island 4 days and 4 nights liveaboard.

First dive on our trip to the Similan Islands was in Anitas reef. Gentle white sandy slope to begin.a nice easy dive. So much life is going on in those corals and sands (scorpion fish, lion fish, giant moray eels)!. Then we did the second dive at West of Eden where luckely we found frogfish and the resident of this dive site – spearing mantis shrimp, always hidden in the hole. The third dive was at one more cool dive site named Deep Six where we saw Green Turtle and awesome Blue Dragon and where we could enjoy of the swim-throughs. Finaly, Night dive.The sun is about to set at the horizont, dressing up these beautyful Similan Islands in different colors whilst we are getting ready to our night dive. Torch-check, buddy-check, all good?!-lets go!....Awesome…Giant moray eel banded sea snake, sleeping turtle, hundreds of durban dancing shrimps, octopuss…

Second day starts at Elephant Head Rock. The fantastic panorama and the maze of swim-throughs made this dive a very special one. As a gift, we saw 4 white tip reef sharks. But lets leave the 9 Similan Islands behind and see whats up at Koh Bon Island! First dive was the North Ridge and of course we had a Manta Ray festival….. Yeeeeeeeha!!! Next dive was in the Koh Bon West Ridge and it was same same than the first ….but different. Lets move to Koh Tachai Island to dive in ¨The Dome of Doom¨. Finally some current but not impossibel. We could enjoy of The giant trevallys, great barracudas ...a tiny seamoth)

We stay the night protected in Koh Tachai Island and we did the first dive of the third day in The Dome, but this time, deeper. We saw blue spotted stingrays, a shine white tip reef shark and we finish the dive in Second Pinnacle. After the dive we left Similan Islands and we move to Richelieu Rock (Surin Islands National Marine Park). We did 2 dives and we saw ghost pipefish, frogfish, pineapplefish, different morays big schools of fusiliers, rainbow runners, glassfish..and snappers After two amazing dives there we came back to Koh Tachai Island to do one more sunset dive at The Dome.

But lets head back to Koh Bon Island and repeat another time the Manta´s Festival….and not one but two dives.. Great times. Finally we arrive at Boonsung Wreck. The visibility was not so grea, but we couldnt see too far anyways because of the amounth of fish around this mining platform. Fancy nudies, spearing mantis shrimps, friendly porcupine fishes and big schools of baby barracudas, snappert and fusiliers. After the dive we headed to Khao Lak pier and arround 5 pm we arrived to Khao Lak Scuba Adventures with some awesome stories to share.

Thank you guys for choosing us and sharing this fantastic journey, Ramon, Lina, Dunn, Alex and the Manta Queen 6 boat crew.

The Team of Manta Queen 6 powered by Khao Lak Scuba Adventures.

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