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Liveaboard to Richelieu Rock and a Hungarian fiesta!

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Liveaboard to Richelieu Rock and a Hungarian fiesta!

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3 days and 3 nights liveaboard to Koh Bon, Koh Tachai and Richelieu Rock.

Manta Queen 2 left Khao Lak pier for another exciting trip with a boat full of Hungarians.

After a calm night we woke up at Koh Bon Island where we spent most of the first day. Our first dive was a nice and calm check-dive in the bay. Already from the start we saw some cool things including Napoleon wrasses and Maldivian sponge snails. After breakfast we went for a dive at the Koh Bon West Ridge where we had some currents. Our final dive at Koh Bon was at the North Ridge. This was a beautiful dive with great visibility and we found a baby angelfish, lionfish and moray eels. After this dive the captain drove north towards Koh Tachai. There we had a sunset dive at the pinnacle with strong current and barracudas. We finished the day with dinner, a super moon and Hungarian spirits.

On the second day of the trip we had arrived at The famous Richelieu Rock in the Surin Island national marine park. We had three great dives here and saw things like turtle, yellow box fish, cleaner pipefish and giant barracudas . Stunning dive site as always and so much fish activity. While we were enjoying some snacks the captain drove back south to Koh Tachai for another dive there. As we came up from the dive the sun set in the sea and we came back onboard for some good food and more Hungarian drinks!

We woke up early on the last day, once again at Koh Bon where the trip started. First dive was a deep one, at the Koh Bon Pinnacle Hin Luang. As usual we saw our friend the stonefish in its little hole and we had great conditions. Second dive was once again at the west ridge were we saw Napoleon wrasse and giant moray! As we ate a delicious lunch the captain drove back towards mainland and our last dive of the trip, Boonsung wreck. Although reduced visibility on the dive we still saw plenty of fish. Puffer fish, honeycomb moray eels, baby barracudas and much more.

Thanks everyone for the awesome time! Very nice having you all on the trip and hope to see you again!

The Team of Manta Queen 2 powered by Khao Lak Scuba Adventures!

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