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Leopard Shark, Manta Ray, Marbel Ray, Eagle Ray and Black tip Reef Shark!!!

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Leopard Shark, Manta Ray, Marbel Ray, Eagle Ray and Black tip Reef Shark!!!

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Manta Queen 2, Similan Island Liveaboard has started it's journey with 20 international guest on board.

First night we have sailed for 5 hours to Koh Bon Island where we stayed overnight and woke up early morning for the first day of diving.
We did in total three dives around Koh Bon Island and one dive in Koh Tachai Island on the first day.
First day gave us some fantastic, unique, magical marine life. We saw barracudas, nudibranches, pipefishes, shrimps, crabs, many different types of eels. Some groups were lucky to find huge porcupine ray resting on the bottom in Koh Tachai pinnacle. We saw leopard shark swimming around us for nearly 20 minutes in North Ridge at Koh Bon Island. And of course the main guest was manta ray cruising by all the divers, it was really big one 5+ meteres.

Next day amazing dives in Richelieu Rock gave us much better visibility than few days ago. Hundreds of fishes swimming everywhere, barracudas, tunas, trevallies. We found 3 new ghost pipefishes, as always seahorses, frogfish and a very special new fish - pineapple fish!! We have some great pictures of it - check it out!

Finally last day of diving gave us marble rays, black-tip reef shark, eagle ray, lots of nudis, napoleon wrasse an many many other cool marine life!!!

Congrats to Bruce and Gionne for becoming PADI Nitrox divers. Big hands up for Lucie for completing her PADI Advance Course. Huge congrats also to Larry on becoming PADI Open Water Diver on board of Manta Queen 2!

Piece and love,

The Team of Manta Queen 2 and Khao Lak Scuba Adventures.

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