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Learn from the best! Underwater Photography courses available by Mekan

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Learn from the best! Underwater Photography courses available by Mekan

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Underwater photography at the Similan Islands by professional phortographer Mekan are now available on all our boats.

My name is Alvarao Herrero AKA Mekan from Spain.

I am diving for more than ten years now and I am a diving instructor since more then six years. I have been working as a professional and technical diver back home before.

What really makes me exciting is the beauty of underwater photography. I love to show the rest of the world the hidden secrets below the surface. I use a Nikon D7000 with Isotta housing, two strobes and the wide-angle, macro or micro wide-angle lense.

I started with photography when I was just 8 years old with my father's camera. At 13 my father gave me the first analog SLR and when I started diving I bought my first underwater camera.

I have been selected and awarded in competitions, my pictures have been published in magazines and I've done some freelance work for Spanish government agencies.

I have dived in many places such as the Pacific Ocean, the Atlantic Ocean, the Mediterranean Sea and in the Indian Ocean. My favorite place is the Simialan Island National Park and not to mention Richelieu Rock.

I chosed Thailand and Khao Lak Scuba Adventures for the charm of the Thai people and the amazing Team of the Dive Centre, the clarity of the waters surrounding the Similan Islands and the richness of the marine life. The white sand beaches and the evergreen of it's lush forests. A percect mix to enjoy life and photography.

This is my second year with Khao Lak Scuba Adventures and The Manta Queen Fleet.

I consider myself a perfectionist and fussy person, always trying to catch the perfect shot. You can view my passion and love to photography in my portfolio.

If you joining one of the Manta Queen vessels ask for me and I will teach you as good as I can how to improve your photo skills and take them to a complete new level. I am also doing custome photography courses or albums if you wish to get stunnign images of you diving the Similan Islands.


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