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Last Trip of the Season with Manta Queen 5

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Last Trip of the Season with Manta Queen 5

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Welcome to the Dome of Doom at Koh Tachai Island! We tried our luck again with the Manta Ray call and…. IT WORKED! MANTA RAY UNDER THE BOAT!

The dive did not disappoint with two Manta Rays cruising over and around the Dome, even barreling up and through a HUGE school of barracudas. Even the open water group diving with Emma at 12m were loving the dive and able to experience everything. What an amazing dive!

Enjoying some delicious snacks when a shout came from two of the guests… WHALE! Of course we had to check it out and the brilliant captain took the boat for a spin so we could see the Minke Whale on our surface interval. Incredible!! Team Spain really happy to see this! Last dive we decided to give the mantas a rest and just enjoy the beauty of a relaxing dive with a huge amount of schooling fish, twirling in the blue, making their way home from their busy day.

Second day was just as wonderful as the first with three dives at the world famous Richelieu Rock. Plenty of marine life covering the whole rock and fantastic visibility. Moray eels, box fish, puffer fish, mantis shrimps and fish everywhere, even cuttlefish in groups of six battling it out to win the female, lucky lady! Carlota was particularly thrilled to show her group the seahorse and not only that, but also help out another dive guide from a different boat which in turn earned her an ice cream delivery to our boat. Yummy! After three amazing dives we set off back to the Similan Islands at Koh Tachai, giving the guests a chance to have a well deserved afternoon siesta. Revisiting the Dome once again for a beautiful sunset dive full of hunting fish and Team Sweden spotting a leopard shark! The end of the day came with a fabulous surprise from the captain with a special birthday cake and a singsong from the whole boat for Diana. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Last day of the dive trip, first dive back at Koh Bon Island West Ridge before we start heading home.

Finishing the trip off with two dives closer to Khao Lak at two different wrecks, Boonsung and Premchai. Sitting on a sandy bottom with little current these two dives are a perfect way to end the trip with complete fish soup surrounding the wrecks. The resident cobias were still cruising around the Boonsung Wreck amongst the many curious porcupine fish. Lots of marine life living in here! Arriving back at the Khao Lak pier, with a boat full of happy guests the dive crew all agreed that it was one incredible Similan and Surin dive trip!

See you all again soon!

The dive team of Manta Queen 5

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