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Frogfish....sorry...Manta Queen I is back from her sixth trip

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Frogfish....sorry...Manta Queen I is back from her sixth trip

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Good morning!!!!, is time to wake up to get ready for our second day, and after a light breakfast and Briefing we jumped at Elephant Head Rock, where we founded 2 new Seamoths, the family is growing!!!!, 4 in total, and a White Tip Reef Shark. And with everybody back at the boat perfectly awake, we filled again our bellies with a full breakfast before the beach time, like always at Donald Duck bay with amazing views and scenaries.












Second dive and last one in Similan Islands Archipelago at Three Threes, named like that because the reference the captain were using before to locate the dive site, three trees really close to each other, where we enjoyed the beauty of the place with a added excitement, nesting time for the Titan Triggerfish!, everybody knew in advance and behave perfectly following our guides tracing a safe path between the nests. (you don´t want to invade their territory if you like your fins)




















Two more to go, Koh Bon and sunset dive in Koh Tachai (with another Minke Whale sighting in the way), great action to finish the day, can´t be a better way to do it?. Everybody on board agree inmediatly with the quality of The Dome, our sunset dive place, and were more than happy with the announcement of a sunrise dive in the same place.











Third day, and after this sunrise dive with Barracudas and a Black Tip Reef Shark, we sailed north to Richelieu Rock,  where we spotted two new Frogfish, a Red and a grey one and 3 new Ghostpipefish, OMG!!!!!!, all this with the cuttlefishes, octopuses, Devil Scorpionfishes, Barracudas, Cobias, Spanish Mackarel, Bentstick Pipefish......, all together with one of the best visibilities ever in this dive point made this day the most memorable one and this evening one of the longest ones with all the excitement and tons of pictures and videos to share.





















With another great sunrise next to Koh Bon we got ready for Hin Luang, where we were so lucky with the sighting of two Leopard Sharks making babies, something not easy to see at all. We all hope they had fun together and a plenty belly coming soon.

Jo, congratulations for your Padi Advanced Course and Sandra for you Deep Adventure, great job Super Girls!!!!

Tomorrow More!!!!


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