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First Trip of the Similan and Surin Island Diving Season with the amazing Manta Queen 3

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First Trip of the Similan and Surin Island Diving Season with the amazing Manta Queen 3

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Similan Island 4 days and 4 nights trip with Manta Queen 3 Trip Number 224!!

The very first trip of the season was WET! Still having leftovers from the SW monsoon, most of our dives were in the rain. No worries though, plenty of great visibility and blue water underneath. We started at Similan Island No. 5 with Anita's Reef, home to large Tunas, Moray Eels and the famous Blue Spotted Stingrays. With a little wind and wave action the amazing “Captian Koh” snuck us into flat and calm resting places for our surface intervals before rocking and rolling to the next spot. The water stayed blue thru the entire trip and, being at the start of the season, most sites were all to us! From the swim thrus at Elephant Head Rock to the Dome at Koh Tachai. Schools of barracudas on the Dome and Three Trees were added bonuses. Koh Bon even brought us a big black tip and a sleeping marble ray!! Our first night dive at Similan Island No. 8 Beacon Reef brought us an octopus, swimming flatworm and hunting fimbriated morays among the rest of reef celebrities. Hawksbills made frequent appearances throughout the trip and we even spotted a few sea kraits to fill up the reptile category.

The waves added some challenges to the trip, but didn't take away from any of the excitement!!

Congratulations to Vera for completing her PADI Advanced Open Water Course on board with returning instructor Kate!!

Special thanks to Jeff for all the funny and entertaining dive briefings! Also on board was Joe. Delicious food, awesome guest divers from Big Blue Koh Tao and around the world made this first trip of the season truly unforgettable!!!

Can't wait to see what in store for the rest of the season!

Your Khao Lak Scuba Adventures Team

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