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First trip of the Season on board Manta Queen I

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First trip of the Season on board Manta Queen I

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And can´t be better way to start than a sunrise dive at Elephant Head Rock with 4 White Tip Reef Sharks, 2 Seamoths, Kuhl´s Stingrays, Marbled Ray and a nice break in Donald Duck bay beach before we head further north to Koh Bon and Koh Tachai, were the party started to get more than crazy, we couldn´t believe it, the amount of fishes was outstanding with Trevallies, Tunas and Barracudas having a fest between the clouds of schooling fish.


Third words for Richelieu Rock...., you have to come to see it, was really hard to concentrate somewhere with everything was going on around, but we manage to find 2 Ornate Ghostpipefish, 3 Bentstick Pipefish, Cuttlefishes mating.....bufffff, what can we ask more?, well, just the cherry on the top with our last day, Leopard Shark, Jenkins Whipray and our prefered fish soup at Boonsung Wreck.


Back to the office we can just thank to all our costumers who came with us to this very first trip of the season, you were a amazing group and we are really looking forward to come back today.

Tobias and Yvonne, you did a great job finishing your Open Water certification on board, congratulations, just 14 dives in your logbook and such amount of different species spotted already. And of course we would like to congratulate Francoise and Annais, our fresh new Deep Adventure divers.

Hope to see you all again.




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