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Final trip with Manta Queen 2, and Mantas at Similan Islands

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Final trip with Manta Queen 2, and Mantas at Similan Islands

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Final trip of the season with our Manta Queen 2 Liveaboard.

Because of the ongoing weather situation Mark and I decided to break the usual schedule and begin our trip straight away at Koh Bon Island. Check dive and Koh Bon West Ridge done and off we where to Koh Tachai Island. The Dome gave us once again a magic dive. Around one hour on and off with 2 Manta Rays. Amazing, this is why we go diving!!! Night dive at Tachai Reef made a perfect day complete.

Sun rise on day two saw us jump on Whale Back Rock, we had dozens of stingrays and almost as many lobsters.

Black tip reef shark was the star of the show at Elephant Head Rock!

Standing on the deck waiting to jump on the Similan Islands, I hear the call from the Captain, "Manta"! We jump to find a Sea Snake, an Octopus and tons more but the Manta had vanished. 

Next dive we headed north to The Dome, I guess it must be because instructor Alex did the Manta call, this time they weren't going anywhere! Two huge Mantas and a safety stop with two hundred huge barracudas!

Rude it would be, to not pay The Dome another visit at sun rise. The snorkelling team also had a lot of fun at Koh Tachai Reef with a black tip reef shark!

So on to Richelieu Rock, as ever bustling with life. Sea horses, tiger egg cowrie, mating cuttlefish, ghost pipefish were only a few of our hosts.

Back at Koh Bon Island on our fourth and final dive of our day, it was a sunrise start at Koh Bon Hin Luang, instructor Geri led the way to this hidden gem. Then one more time to the Boon Sung Wreck, close to Khao Lak, a great way to say goodbye!

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