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Exceptional good visibility on Manta Queen 6 liveaboard trip to Similan Islands and Richelieu Rock

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Exceptional good visibility on Manta Queen 6 liveaboard trip to Similan Islands and Richelieu Rock

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4 days and 4 nights liveaboard to Similan Islands, Koh Bon, Koh TachaiRichelieu Rock and The Boon Sung Wreck.

We arrived to Manta Queen Six and after a little briefing of the trip, a boat orientation and a short introduction of all the staff member, we were already leaving the shore, towards the Similan Islands.

We woke up in a beautiful bay of Similan Island No.5 The trip started ! 

We did our first dive on Anita's Reef, where we saw some Mantis Shrimps, Octopus, Moray Eels, Clown Fish, Surgeon Fish but also Trevally and Lion Fish. When we came from the dive, our chefs prepared a scrumptious breakfast to fix our hungry bellies !

Then we moved to the next dive site West of Eden and then Deep Six. Some of our guest could begin their PADI Advance Open Water from there. With the drift dive and the deep dive, we obviously saw a lot of fauna during those dive as well: Sea Snakes, Turtle, Nudibranchs, Clown Trigger Fish, Box Fish. We also did a night dive this day on Tsunami Monuments, we saw some Lobsters, Boxer Shrimps, thousands of Fusiliers and all the statues of course and an half mermaid.

Next day we went on Elephant Head Rock. An amazing dive site with a lot of swim through and a good deep average on the site. One of the favorite dive site for all experience divers, but of course watch out your computer and your air consumption.

We saw some Ribbon Eels, which we can most likely see over there. But also some Tuna, Scorpion Fish, still a lot of Nudibranchs and most the "common reef fish" that you can see on the Similan Islands like Parrot Fish, School of Lutjanidae, and Angel Fish.

After this dive the captain drove us to Christmas Point. We were stupefied when we saw this very good visibility. 

A Great Barracuda (huge) was cruising around, as the Napoleon Wrasse and some Octopus. A very good dive again !

I don't talk enough about the breakfast, lunch and dinner which are the best you can make in the tinny kitchen they got ! 

And they is more than enough. 

The heaven for everyone who loves food as I do ! Sorry I keep on going on the dives, I've been distracted.

We went after that to Koh Bon, which is a spectacular dive site, with a big wall from the surface going down to 30-35 meters. 

Absolutely wonderful and full of life: that where you can see a lot of Maldivian Sponge Snail, they look like a king of Nudibranchs but bigger and purple with a shape directly coming from an alien movie, they are so cool. We also saw some Sweet Lips, and Big Groupers and Butterfly Fish.

We did our sunset dive on the second day on Koh Tachai and also the morning dive on the next day. The dive site is call The Dome of Koh Tachai, it is basically a valley underwater surrounded by big rocks and coral reef. This dive site is also call the dome of doom because it can be a really strong current. LUCKY US! We did have only a mild current, just enough to enjoy a little bit of drift. We could see a School of Barracuda, more than 50 of them at once. Also some Scorpion Fish, a Huge Lobster, small cute Box Fishes, some Tunas cruising around, and a lot of Moray Eel specially the giant one.

Then the captain said us the weather condition were good enough to move the boat towards Richelieu Rock. The most famous dive site on this side of Thailand. 

We decided to do 3 dives there. 

During those dives we saw 4 big cuttlefish, big schools of Lutjinadae, small multicolored coral fishes everywhere, pipe fish, crabs a massive jellyfish, but also Trevallies as barracudas was making sure everything goes good on the Reef. A napoleon wrasses was there like nudibranchs, a family of lion fish, scorpion fish, mantis shrimp, and a turtle. Absolutely amazing !

Then our 3 last dives was coming, we went back to Koh Tachai, we did 2 dives there. 

First one was a quite deep dive site call Lim Luang, only for the most experienced divers, the visibility was great. We saw some stone fish and eagle ray and a mantis shrimp again. Fusiliers were everywhere as the coral fan. 

We did our second dive on the west ridge, that where we could see again those Maldivian sponge snail, but also a massive box fish, a sea snake, nudibranchs, a napoleon wrasse, and again a bunch of coral fish as the parrot fish, butterfly fish, surgeon fish, trigger fish, and I forgot to tell about soft coral covering pretty much the whole bottom and contour of the dive site. It was really nice !

Finally we did our last dive on a wreck call Boonsung close to the cost, we have been leaving Similians islands around noon. 

We saw a lot of puffer fish, box fish, school of fish everywhere like snappers, lutjanidaes, emperors and so on ... 

we also saw lion fish and honeycomb moray eel.

So far the trip was a success, weather condition was great, diving was really nice. 

back from the trip with the big smile and maybe see you next years underwater .

MQ6 Team.

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