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End of Season for Manta Queen 1 see you back on 14. of October

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End of Season for Manta Queen 1 see you back on 14. of October

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Once again guests and for the last time until 14. of October divers from all over the world joined a fantastic 4 days and 4 nights Similan Island Liveaboard aboard Manta Queen 1.

A key factor to my love for working in this job and in this place is our international divers! The first day of the trip on board Manta Queen 1 began at Anita's Reef where we had sightings of Parrot Fish, Trumpet Fish and hiding on the bottom, Garden Eels. The second dive was at one more cool dive site named Deep Six where we saw Green Turtle and awesome Blue Dragon. Then we did the third dive at West of Eden where luckely we found the resident of this dive site – Spearing Manta Shrimp. To end off what had been a great day, we had a night dive at Hideaway Bay with many Moray Eels, Shrimps and shy Blue-Spotted Stingray pretented to be invisible.

On the second day we did the first dive at Elephant Head Rock enjoying swim throughs and view of incredible massive rock formation. Also we were glad to see pretty Ribbon Eels again at the same place. After an amazing second dive at North Ridge, we left Similan Islands behind and traveled to Koh Bon where we did the third dive at West Ridge and saw Maldivian Sponge Snail, Octopus, many awesome bright Slugs and were followed by Napoleon Wrasse. The last dive of the day we did at Koh Tachai Island with schools of Barracudas, Jackfish and many others.

On the third day we went for more adventures to the famous Richelieu Rock… Everyone has to see this wonderful world full of marine life: Frogfish, Seahorse, Ghost Pipefish, Jan's Pipefish, Cuttlefish… After two amazing dives there we came back to Koh Tachai and Koh Bon to do 2 more dives of the day.

On the last day of the trip we woke up in our favorite place – Koh Bon Island. We did two dives at Hin Luang and then North Ridge where most of the time we spent with THREE Leopard Sharks cruising around a very happy crowd from Manta Queen 1. So excited after we moved for the final dive to Boonsung Wreck with extremely friendly Puffer fish, babies Boxfish and Angelfish, Honeycomb Moray Eels, tiny and cute White-eye Moray Eels and huge amount of Yellow-tale Barracuda

Four days of happiness, a lot of fun and unforgettable memories! Thank you very much for a great time! Khao Lak Scuba Adventures is waiting for you to join us on one of our cool liveaboards! All the best for you!

The Team of Manta Queen 1 powered by Khao Lak Scuba Adventures.

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