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Cool down at the Andaman Sea

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Cool down at the Andaman Sea

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While it was the hottest time of the year in Khao Lak we went for the trip on board Manta Queen 6 for a 4 days and 4 nights Similan Island liveaboard cruise.

On the first day of our trip we woke up next to the place where we did check dive – Anita's Reef. Then we moved to one more cool dive site named West of Eden and we were so happy to find out that Spearing Manta Shrimp which was resident there had come back. After hours of discussion why our «old friend» Spearing Manta Shrimp was gone for the last 3-4 trips we agreed to look for more information and do research about it. We did the third dive at Deep Six enjoying beautiful swim throughs and safety stop with the neighbour – a cute small turtle. After an amazing view of sunset we went for the night dive at Hideaway Bay where we saw Moray Eels, lots of different types of Shrimps and Sea Snake.

Our second day we began at Elephant Head Rock where we marvelled at the impressive rock formation and many swim throughs. However the real treat was waiting for us at Koh Bon Island where we had sighting of magical and curious Manta Rays which spent two dives with us and playful Leopard Sharks. To end off what had been a great day, we had a sunset dive at Koh Tachai Island at the dive site named The Dome. What was a surprise to see Mantas again enjoying themselves at the cleaning station on the top of the pinnacle.

After the last great sunset dive we decided to stay at Koh Tachai and to do the morning dive there. This time the conditions were perfect and let us make a small adventure: we headed our compases to the north and left the main pinnacle for discovering the other two. All the divers were absolutely charmed by this place. We were not the only ones… While we were looking at hundread chilling Barracudas suddenly Manta Ray appeared when nobody expected! Wow! Then we travelled to the north to do the next two dives at the world famous Richelieu Rock. It was fantastic to find a lot of awesome stuff as Frogfish, Gan's Pipefish, Ghost Pipefish and many others. The last dive of the day we did at our favourite Koh Tachai.

On the last day we were excited to come back for two dives to Koh Bon Island where we saw Maldivian Sponge Snail, Octopus, Sea Snake and Napoleon Wrasse. We finished this amazing trip with the last dive at Boonsung Wreck where we found a lot of Nudibranch, Lion Fish, super friendly Pufferfish, Honeycomb and White Eye Moray Eels.

And so we wrap another spectacular trip on Manta Queen 6 which we remember forever. Let's join us for the next trip with Khao Lak Scuba Adventures and have a lot of fun!

Matt & Marina and the team of Manta Queen 6.

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