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Another Manta show at Koh Bon Island on the Similan Island Marine Park

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Another Manta show at Koh Bon Island on the Similan Island Marine Park

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Similan Island Liveaboard with Manta Queen 7, Trip Number: 63

Once upon a time, when waters were blue and skies were clear, there was a boat filled with a diverse group of keen divers. They set off on the 6th of April, the waves steadily carrying Manta Queen 7 towards the Similan Island National Marine Park.

Their adventure started off at the Similan Islands with a dive at Anitas Reef, West of Eden followed by Elephant Head Rock. We visited the famous spearing mantis shrimp, they visited the elusive frog fish and even found its baby brother, they visited the ribbon eels and of course we also visited the white tip sharks. They ended the day with a night dive at Mooring Bay where plenty of shrimps and crabs are hiding in the cracks and crevices and morays hunt around. What a great start into our 5 days and 5 nights Similan Island Liveaboard.

Their adventure continued on moving further north where they dove Elephant Head Rock once more followed by a dive at Christmas Point and once again they got lucky enough to see white tip reef sharks. After that they headed even further north where they dove Koh Bon Island Northridge and visited the leopard shark, followed by a dive at Koh Tachai's Dome, where plenty of fish action surrounded them.

The next day they did another dive at the Dome in Koh Tachai where some of them got to see a jenkins whip ray. They then headed to wards the world famous Richelieu Rock where they saw plenty of barracuda, pipefish, sea horse, frog fish, ghost pipefish, pineapple fish and plenty more.

We left Richelieu Rock and on day four started off with another dive at the Dome, where they enjoyed being surrounded by huge schools of fish catching their breakfast. After we headed back to Koh Bon Island where we spent the rest of the day and that's when they got to see them..they got to see the MANTAS!!!
Manta Rays were cruising around giving us a true athletic show; showing off all their moves and talent. All of the guests aboard loved it and happily fell into bed tired after such an amazing day of diving.

The last day of the epic adventure started with a lovely dive at Koh Bon Island Hin Luang where they visited the resident stone fish Stewie and enjoyed all the scenic views of limestone pinnacle covered in yellow soft corals with schools off glass fish being hunted by the trevally. The second dive they did that day was at the Seachart Wreck where they enjoyed the sheer size of the wreck and all the beauty it had to offer. The last dive of the trip was at the Premchai Wreck where they saw the juvenile barracuda schooling around the wreck and plenty of nudibranches and scorpion fish.

The Manta Queen 7 crew and dive staff wishes everyone safe further travels and happy bubbles!!!

The Team of Manta Queen 7 powered by Khao Lak Scuba Adventures.


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