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Amazing time at Similan with Team Taiwan

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Amazing time at Similan with Team Taiwan

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Manta Queen 6 # 199 was ultimately a trip that will have important reminders about the Magic of Scuba Diving!

We set off from Khao Lak with our full charter of guests from Taiwan. As we dropped in for a stunning check dive at Anita's, I was reminded of one of the most magical things about Scuba, any and all language barriers were dissolved the moment our heads went under. There we were, all sharing the same interests, goals, values and passions.

There was even more wonderful moments of understanding, between myself and one guest who also happened to be an PADI instructor. Although we didn't share a single word of common language, we quickly developed a very true and deep respect for each other's skills, methods, and commitment to ensuring our very best for the least confident in our group. It's a kindness found so readily in the Scuba Diving family, all over the world.

Over all the conditions in the Similan Island National Park was again incredible for this early in the season. One exception was the thunder storm during the night dive at the end of dive one, which for me was stunning. Watching a free swimming moray lit up by lightening, wow!

After early morning dive alone at Elephant Head Rock, it was north via the ridge at Koh Bon to The Dome at Koh Tachai, all wonderful dives.

Captain Nung, made a very wise move heading to the Surin Island to avoid a little bit of wave action. Before first light we were on our way to Richelieu Rock. We had the place to ourselves for four amazing dives.

Next came a first for me, as team Taiwan wanted to head to the mainland early, so they could be in time to go play with some elephants, we head straight to the Boonsung Wreck close to Khao Lak! Never slept there before, also never done a sunrise dive there, I'll say this, it won't be my last time! Fantastic dive!

Team Taiwan see you again at Khao Lak Scuba Adventures

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