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A Whole Lot Of Nature...MQ3 Trip 106

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A Whole Lot Of Nature...MQ3 Trip 106

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Octopus, barracuda, cuttlefish, lobster and some giant napolean wrasse all greeted us into their homes with open arms and even a rather shy white tip reef shark popped his head out to say hi to customers. with the storm a fading memory spots like Elephant Head, The Dome and Koh Bon Pinnacle were pretty much current free and open for didnt take much to get everyone geared up and stoked to get under the water!


To say it was an eventful trip would be a slight under statement. But at the end of the day hindsight is a wonderful thing and everyone walked away with a smile on their faces, some amazing Similan dive sites in their log books and a host of good travel stories to look back on. Which is kind of handy given the fact travel bloggers Chris from Backpacker Banter and Stephen from A Backpackers Tale joined us!


When life gives you lemons you simply have to add some salt and add some tequila!

Here's to the sunshine! 

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