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6 Reason why you should get into Scuba Diving

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6 Reason why you should get into Scuba Diving

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6 Reason why you should get into Scuba Diving

1. It's easier than you think

Scuba Diving is not an extreme sport as many think. The only skills you need are being able to swim and breath.

2. You'll meet creatures you've never dreamed of

Once underwater at the Similan Islands, you'll get to meet a dazzling array of fish and marine mammals. The Similan Island Marine Park in Thailand counts around 3000 different kind of fish and around 500 different types of corals. Experts are very sure that there still exists a great quantity of undiscovered marine life.

3. Every dive is different and adventurous

Up to 80 % of all life on earth can be found in the oceans. There are millions of places to scuba dive and million of surprises and adventures to experience. We can't give you all during a trip at the Similan Islands on-board The Manta Queen Fleet, but we can give you some of the best days of your holidays experiencing the stunning dive sites of the best marine park in Thailand.

4. Explore the blue planet

71 % of the earths surface is covered by oceans awaiting to be discovered.

5. It's peaceful down there

The underwater world is a very peaceful environment for humans and amazingly quiet. It is a great place to relax and forget about the ¨Real World¨ above the surface. Submerge yourself and leave all your worries behind on the boat. At the Similan Islands the best way to scuba dive is aboard The Manta Queen Fleet. Board our liveaboard fleet for 3, 4 or 5 days and enjoy an unforgettable dive trip on some of the best dive spots world wide.

6. You'll make new friends above and below the surface

Scuba diving is like any other hobby, it gives you the chance to meet new people. So even if your friends or family don't feel up for it, you can always try it on your own. Khao Lak Scuba Adventures is among the most popular dive centres on the globe to make new friends. Onboard the Manta Queen Fleet you will share several days of diving with lot's of cool people from each corner of the planet.

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