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4 days/ 4 nights with Action Sports

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4 days/ 4 nights with Action Sports

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Dive number two and three took place on the west side of island number 7 at Westof Eden, with it’s three main boulders which creates cool canyons to swim through and Deep Six, on the northern part of the island with its massive granite boulders descending to the depths of the Andaman sea. 

After the dives logbooks were filled in with the sightings from the dives such as Trevallies, Tunas, Nudibranchs, Eels and shrimps of different species.


In the evening we were back at Anita’s Reef for the night dive where it is just like diving in a big dark pool surrounded by crackling noises coming from the cracks and crevices, red eyes from the shrimps covering the rocks. Massive lobsters running around, Giant Moray Eels ready for the evening hunt, crabs and sleeping Parrot fish. One day of awesome diving done, three more to go!


Day two Elephant Head Rock and North Point awaits. Going through the swim through in the southern side of Elephant Head whilst a, curious Clown Triggerfish hangs around, enjoying the scenery on this dive site and to visit the local Sea moths and look down on the rays swimming around in the sand. Giant trevallies, Barracudas and Anemone Crabs sharing the anemone with the Clark’s Anemone Fish. These dive sites are awesome. Between the dives we have some time to go on the beach and climb up to the view point at Donald Duck bay and enjoy the postcard picture view over the islands and swim in the ocean.


Then it’s time to move further north to the limestone island Koh Bon where we dive the West Ridge and see our local friends the Napoleon Wrasses, Octopi Blue Dragon nudibranchs (flabelina family), and all the little crustaceans living on the wall. For the last dive we head to Koh Tachai where we later spend the night, having dinner, beer and the atmosphere on this trip is great. So nice to have a group of passionate divers on the same boat all doing what we love.

The days go fast when you have a good time and day three has arrived with a beautiful morning dive at Koh Tachai Pinnacle, aka The Dome of Doom. But this morning there was no doom, just perfect conditions and the predatory fish are out for breakfast. In the blue and around the rock we see Batfishes, in a little crack on the west side there is a little Cometfish hiding.

The day can always get better so we make it happen by going even further north to Richelieu Rock, which never stoppes to amaze. A variety of small shrimps and crabs everywhere amongst the horseshoe shaped pinnacle covered in soft corals, small and big Barracuda, glassfish and it seems to be Cuttlefish mating season. On one dive we see the make sweet sweet love, on the next the female laying eggs in the cracks whilst the male camouflages himself and guards her female. Amazing to look at. Richelieu never disappoints, see you soon again!

During the night we travel back south to Koh Bon where we dive Koh Bon Pinnacle or Hin Luang as it’s also known as. This beautiful submerged pinnacle covered in tiny yellow coral had morning entertainment for us. Trevallies hunting in the incoming cold current whilst the smaller fish feed on the plankton. An octopus trying to hide from us, but one question remains. Where are you mister Leopard shark, please come visit next time.


Last dive unfortunately but a really nice one at Boonsung Wreck. The friendly fishes that lives around this wreck always make me laugh when I dive here. A little batfish eating our bubbles and swimming up to your face and stares at you, the same for the schools of Porcupine fish. Maybe the Honeycomb Morays will one day start swimming around us like pets?.


Only one hour back to the pier with mixed emotions, happiness over such a great trip with a lovely group of people and sadness that the trip had come to an end.


A big thank you to Ralph and Conny for chartering the boat for this trip and I hope there are more charters to come. But book yours well in advance because the season is kicking off now. Until next time! 



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