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30 meters visibility at Richelieu Rock

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30 meters visibility at Richelieu Rock

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Another great trip on Manta Queen 2, Similan Island Liveaboard trip number 242!

With 18 guest on board from all over the world: Romania, UK, Sweden, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Holland and US we set sail to the Similan Islands.

First day as usual we start with wake u call at 6 am near Koh Bon Island where we stayed for three awesome dives during which we saw tonnes of marine life. Between three dives around Koh Bon Island we saw napoleon wrasses, many octopuses, maldivian sponge snails, spearing mantis shrimps, marble ray, sea snakes, crabs, lobsters, really friendly leopard shark.

Sunset dive with a bit of current coming from the south at the Koh Tachai Dome, far north of the Similan Islands, brought us schools of trevallies, tornado of barracudas, huge tunas, blue-spotted stingrays and a really special creature sea moth which is very rare and hard to find, check out our pictures - awesome!

Next day we woke up in the middle of the Andaman Sea and we did three dives at world famous Richelieu Rock. Visibility significantly improved since last couple of trips. Now with 30 meters visibility we were able to enjoy Richelieu Rock on all three dives during which we found some spectacular, magical marine life. We found seahorses, one of them still just a baby. Pineapple fish, ghost pipe fishes, cuttlefish, different types of shrimps and crabs, huge barracudas, nudibranches. Richelieu Rock was definitely our favorite this trip! Later we did another awesome sunset dive at the Koh Tachai Dome.

Last day two dives in Koh Bon Island at the Noth Ridge and Hin Luang gave as leopard sharks, marble ray, octopus, stone fish, sea snakes, stone fish and a lot of other great marine life.

Last dive at the Boon Sung Wreck as always was amazing with nudibranches, bat fishes, flounders, crocodile fish, pipefish and thousands of fish everywhere!!

Thank you everyone for this awesome trip!!! Love you all,

The Crew of Manta Queen 2 powered by Khao Lak Scuba Adventures.

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