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2 meter Guitar Shark spotted during night dive!

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2 meter Guitar Shark spotted during night dive!

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Wow! Awesome trip on Manta Queen 7, again!

It started leaving the harbor as we set off flowers for the Thai Moon Festival under a full super moon. Clear skies and flat water gave the best conditions for a very memorable experience.

Day one at Similan IslandsDeep Six brought us face to face with a big barracuda sitting on top of a cleaning station for a great presentation! It wasn’t until our night dive later on that things truly started taking off… a 2 meter Guitar Shark sleeping on the bottom gave some groups plenty of time to admire this rare and special shark.

Day two took us to Elephant Head Rock, one of our favorite dive sites. Usually came in the morning, today was no exception. A relaxing dive with many swim through was the takeaway experience. Then off to the beach at world famous Similan Island Sail Rock. A few jumped in to swim with a curious turtle swimming around the boat. Off to Three Trees at Similan Island 9, with the usual thrill of drift diving at this popular site. Drifting past a shoal of barracuda with a large tuna trying to join in.

The next day, we managed to do a dive Koh Bon Island, Koh Tachai and the Surin Islands all in the same day!!! Thanks to the adventurous spirit of our new Captain P’Nuay!! Awesome day!!!

The next morning we found a huge Jenkins whip ray on the floor at Koh Surin Island, before we completed 3 outstanding dives at world famous Richelieu Rock! From juvenile boxfish to schooling Barracudas, Napoleon Wrasse to mating Cuttlefish, and that was just the first dive!!

Day five we finished with Juvenile Angelfish and a slow and steady stone fish atop of Koh Bon Islands Hin Luang our favorite pinnacle.

Special congratulation to David and Lynette to completing their PADI Advanced Open Water course over 19 dives with Jeff! From mastering buoyancy control to underwater navigation. Even deploying their own surface marker buoys with a line and reel. Keep up the good work guys and enjoy your new skill set!!

Manta Queen 7! Coming in Hot, next trip leaves soon!!!!

Your Team of Manta Queen 7 liveaboard powered by Khao Lak Scuba Adventures

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