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16 divers and lot's of PADI dive courses aboard Manta Queen 6

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16 divers and lot's of PADI dive courses aboard Manta Queen 6

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Manta Queen 6 set of for a 4 day and 4 night liveaboard trip to the Similan Islands with 15 great dives planned.

Our trip started with Anita's Reef which was Xie Jun's first PADI Open Water Dive. We seen a huge octopus trying to hide in the open. Because the weather was great we visited decided to visit the beach, where we spotted crazy people exercising while on holiday! We decided to just sit and relax in the sun and watch the show, lol. 

During our trip we visited many great sights like Elephant Head Rock, Koh Bon West Ridge, Richelieu Rock and Koh Bon Pinnacles Hin Luang. The Dome on Koh Tachai which made for a pleasant dive because finally there wasn't any current flowing and tons and tons of fish. The trip was loaded with schools of lunar fusilier, giant barracudas and fighting octopuses. We saw several banded sea snakes and plenty of morey eels. During our North Point dive we surfaced in jelly fish soup surviving with only a few harmeles stings.

It was a trip of diving education with many divers completed courses such as Xie Jun completing her PADI Open Water and the PADI Advanced Open Water course. Yang Yang, Jin Gong navigated their way through the PADI Advanced Open Water course at the Similan Islands Many dive guests including Ana Paula, Eun Young and Christophe Roux decided to do their PADI Deep Diver Adventure dive so they could make the most of what our trip has to offer. Diving below 18 meters up to 30 meters requieres the PADI Deep Adventure dive.   

We must of looked so exhausted by the last night when Eun Young treated us all to Korean beauty face mask. 

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