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My name is Alvaro Herrero Lopez-Beltran, my friends call me Mekan, and I would like to welcome you to Khao Lak Scuba Adventures
dedicated space for all photography enthusiasts.

I have been addicted to photography since I got my first camera as a present for my 12th birthday.

With my brand new Nikon F 70 I started to roam through the Spanish country side taking photos of birds, reptiles and insects. Not long after
I bought myself a Tamron 300 Zoom lens that cost me my enitre piggy bank.

Since then I have been hooked on photography and have dedicated myself to it completely.

I began to get interested in Marine Life while working in an aquarium fish wholesaler in Madrid. For the next 10 years I learned about all
kinds of Marine Life and as a result I took my PADI Open Water Course 10 years ago.

I moved to the Spanish coast and became a commercial diver and I spent every free minute exploring the underwater world in the Mediterrean Sea and taking photographs. I explored underwater caves and lakes also, always with my camera ready to take that perfect shot.

When I came to Thailand, I was bewitched by the incredible beauty of the Similan and Suirn Island National Marine Parks. I got hooked with Khao Lak Scuba Adventures and here I am, ready to take you on a special underwater trip as a private photographer and guide.

You will learn the tricks of the trade to improve your photographs, once back at home you will amaze your family and friends with your photos, or just enjoy the calmness of having a dedicated photographer at your side exploring the reefs and wrecks without any disturbing divers around.

Here is a preview of my portfolio

Contact Khao Lak Scuba Adventures and ask for me, Mekan.

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