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Blogs of KSA

Manta Queen I trip # 10

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  Night dive in Honey Moon bay was incredible, seeing giant moray eels, cuttle fish, 5 massive lobsters, and the surprise of a Leaf Scorpion Fish that I have never seen in Similan. We arrived to Koh Bon, and did two dives. The current allowed us to stay in the ridge to see an amazing group of 50 trevallies hunting around, tons of glass fish, and a couple of Napoleon Wrasses. It was a re...


Manta Queen I is back!!, trip 9

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  Second day and we were already at Koh Bon, ready to practice the negative entry to enjoy Hin Luang, where we discovered more surprises, a Reef Stonefish and octopuses having fun all around. Second one at the West Ridge, where the octopuses were taking really seriously their today task, Napoleon wrasse, Devil scorpionfish, sea snake and another turtle trying to mimic a rock, even with...


MQ 2 Open Water Surprise

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    Our Final full day of diving had arrived in style with amazing conditions at The Dome allowing us to swim over to the 3rd pinnacle. This is basically an underwater garden with such an array of beautiful corals and in the background a school of 50 barracudas chilling out in the blue. After this we headed of to everyone favourite Richelieu Rock to go diving on Thailand's fish...


4 days/ 4 nights with Action Sports

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    Dive number two and three took place on the west side of island number 7 at Westof Eden, with it’s three main boulders which creates cool canyons to swim through and Deep Six, on the northern part of the island with its massive granite boulders descending to the depths of the Andaman sea.  After the dives logbooks were filled in with the sightings fr...


4 days/4 nights with Action Sports

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Manta Queen 3 Trip #107 was Absolutely Awesome!!!

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  Day two was full of surprises, including countless swim throughs at Elephant Head and Christmas Point, Ribbon Eels, more Sharks, even these two little Robust Ghost Pipefish that we found at Christmas Point: A group of us also went ashore to the beach at Similan Island #8 in Donald Duck Bay. We hiked up to the viewpoint underneath Sail Rock...   There had been Mantas...


Manta Queen II 108

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  Upon surfacing, due to the large swell we decided to head for the similans and continue our trip there. Arriving at the similans we dived Turtle head for the third dive of the day but still a lot of swell,night dive was  atBeacon reef where we saw Spearing Mantis shrimps. Day two greeted us to perfect conditions and everybody started to feel less green jejeje. Elephant head...


MQ 2 Trip 106

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   Our final full day had already arrived which meant Richelieu Day. This is the best day to take photo's under water as well as on the boat as everybody is bouncing around with smiles on there faces. Wonderful visibility and the ever increasing amount of cuttlefish on this rock is amazing. Each trip we have seen different cuttlefish laying eggs around the rock. This leads to ...


A Whole Lot Of Nature...MQ3 Trip 106

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  Octopus, barracuda, cuttlefish, lobster and some giant napolean wrasse all greeted us into their homes with open arms and even a rather shy white tip reef shark popped his head out to say hi to customers. with the storm a fading memory spots like Elephant Head, The Dome and Koh Bon Pinnacle were pretty much current free and open for business...it didnt take much to get everyone geare...


Manta Queen I trip #8 on board MV Chontara

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  With a weather forecast of a new storm evolving from a knowed one we decide to head north before than normal, but not before our dive at West of Eden and Deep Six. Then straight to the north side of island number 8 to do a night dive at Turtle Rock, named like that for a rock with a turtle shape right on top of the dive point. Lobsters, Cometfish, Reef Crabs, Flatworms and a friendly...


Auto Post Facebook Test

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The Whalesharks Are Here!!!

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  West of Eden delivers the goods as well, with Swim throughs, Spearing Mantis Shrimp and a really cute Frogfish making appearances on the dive: Two more dives round out the first day, including an exciting night dive, complete with decorator crabs and some of the largest lobsters we've ever seen! The following morning included a wonderful trip to the beach at Donald Duc...


Welcoming Manta Queen 6 - Her Maiden Similans Trip

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  Exclusively for our overnight live aboard customers (you'll find no day trippers on this boat!) the MQ6 is the full live aboard experience - all those on board will enjoy the signature hospitality of KSA and kick back to soak up the beautiful surroundings.   Our first trip of the season was a great success - with all those on board soaking up the natural beauty and pristin...


Manta Queen I, trip #7

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  Three More to go today, including a visit to our friends,the Frogfish at West of Eden, another one to the Swim Throughs and Channels at Deep Six and the last one to the nocturnal creatures of Hideaway. Dinner, logbooks and Russian Songs thanks to Mr Russia and friends. Beautiful!! Now ready to jump at Elephant Head Rock where thanks to the Full Moon the current appear turning the area...


Manta Queen Trip #4

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  I think eberyones hearts beat a little faster when we found that sweet spot on the north face of Rishelieu and saw baby Jans peipfish swimming and than after checking on the dancing shrimp and were surprised by the amount of adult and juvanile spotted pipefish all over the rocks...Frogfish and sharks are all good and well but hey people dont forget about the little guys. Loved my fellow ...