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    Day 2 comes along and reach Koh Bon thinking we might be in for a treat which was realised upon entry as mantas were swirling under the divers on the surface trying to get their masks on and regs in quickly. Group 2 has never been so fast at gearing up and buddy checks. 3 mantas were sighted by all groups. With smiles on all faces head to Koh Tachai and spot 2 more mantas a...


Manta Queen I Trip #26, School of Whale Sharks

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     But there were right. The next day we dove again at 7:00 o´clock and we had another crazy show with this creatures. Playing with the bubbles, going back and forth around the pinnacle…, and having 4 at the same time with us for a moment, CONFIRMED!!!, 4 WHALE SHARKS. One group went to the reef to do few skills in this dive and they had a MANTA RAY with them. R...


Manta Queen VI, Trip 11 A whale of a good time...

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       With a North heading on Captain P.Tums compass, we headed for Koh Tachai.  The Koh Tachai Pinnacle "The Dome" was a mind blowing experience with some enjoying a Whale Shark for almost the entire dive  The experience touched us all and instantly produced an electric vibe on the boat.  To see one of these magnificent cre...


Manta Queen 6 - Trip 112 - Whale Sharks, Sting Ray & Cobias!

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      Luck was on our side this trip when we were graced yet again by Willy the Whale Shark on our 3rd dive of the trip at Tachai Dome.  The next morning another smaller version was seen by all groups as well. That's three trips in a row! Also a nice Birthday surprise for Marcus celebrating his 30th :)       We then topped...


Manta Queen 2 - Whaleshark and Manta Ray Together at the Same Time!!!

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  This morning at Koh Bon we had no Mantas, but we saw sooo much other cool stuff that we didn't even miss them. We saw schooling Slate Sweetlips above the ridge, and Multibar Pipefish hiding in the nooks and crannies: Octopus, a Ribbon Eel, and even this highly secretive Hook Jaw Moray Eel. So cool! After two dives there we headed North to Koh Tachai for a few dives on...


Manta Queen I Trip #25, The Perfect Trip

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Another 2 SPOTFIN FROGFISHES joined this count at Richelieu Rock together with a great surprise, we founded a LONG-SNOUT SEAHORSE (or maybe Borbon, what do you think?) drifting in a piece of rope while we were doing the Safety Stop. For who doesn´t know several species of Seahorses are Pelagic, being able to travel miles hiking something drifting. Safe travels little friend!!!   Gho...


Manta Queen I - Trip #24 Best Birthday Present Ever!!

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  But is not finishing everything there, in our second dive we headed directly to the West Ridge to find a couple of Mantas doing barrels right before another one came to check what was going on, while a fourth one pass by next to the island (four!!!!!!),  60 minutes dive enjoying the very BEST Manta Show of the Season, thank you very much to Christine for attracting such a good l...


Richelieu Was Rockin'!!!

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  I'm going to write this blog differently than the usual way that I put them together. Instead of a play-by-play of each dive in order, I'm going to start with Richelieu Rock and then Tachai. Richelieu was so good this trip, it's a bit hard to explain it here. Let me just say this. One one dive there, we saw all of the following: Juvenile Tigertail Seahorse Ornate Ghost P...


A trip to remember... mantas, sea horse and sharks. Manta Queen III Trip 21 (5/2/14 -> 9/2/14)

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  After lunch it’s up to island 7 for our third dive on Deep 6. Filled with swim-throughs, overhangs and canyons it’s great buoyancy practice. Carrying on with the good fortune we saw a white tip reef shark cruising around the deep. During the surface interval discovered that one of the staff, Jacobo, loves drawing the dive site maps, we were happy that we finally found a use f...


Mantas and Whalesharks, and Even A Minke Whale, Oh My!!!

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  The trip started as normal, with two amazing dives on Koh Bon's West and North Ridges. Dive one had minimal current and excellent viz. By the time we were ready for dive number two the current had picked up a bit and was coming from the North. We jumped in on the North Ridge and explored some of the beautiful boulders in the deeper areas there. The highlight of the dive for some ...


Manta Queen I, Fantasy trip #23, Whale Shark & Manta!!!!!!

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  Turtle Rock: We decided to change our usual third dive for one that is being a great surprise each time we dive it, and we can say this trip was the BEST on this place!!!!, we founded again the Clown Frogfish and Ornate Ghostpipefishes plus a huge Pipefish, bigger than the Bentstick but thinner, what are you????, and a Pipehorse!!!!!, not forgetting the Cockatoo Waspfish in the Night div...


Manta Queen II, North Tour Baby

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    Lunch was served and we headed north to Koh Tachai where we did dive number three and a sunset dive on Koh Tachai Pinnacle aka “The Dome”. The Dome had some current for us, but with current comes fish. This divesite changes all the time and if you ask any of the guides most of us will say that it is our favourite.   Giant Trevallies, Blue Spotted T...


Manta Queen III Trip 20 (31/1/14 -> 4/2/14) Sun, flat seas and lots of diving.

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    The ornate ghost pipefish still at Elephant Head Rock and the white tips reef sharks were spotted cruising around the flats. Second dive at Christmas point at the top of Island 9 before heading up to Koh Bon. Some feeding frenzies of rainbow runners and trevally's almost stole the show, but a pair of mating octopus chasing eachother around the reef and showing off all t...


MQ2, Back Again From Another Fantastic Voyage!

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  On this North Andaman Sea trip that we run here at Khao Lak Scuba Adventures, all of the dive sites are fairly diverse. Sometimes the conditions are as well. Although the giving was nice at all the sites this time, the stand-out had to be Richelieu Rock. With clear blue water and very little current, it was by far the best diving on this trip. More on this later. We started as...


Manta Queen I - Trip #22 CHINESE NEW YEAAAR!!

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    Coming back to the Night dive, the Clown Frogfish wasn´t the only thing catch our attention, as well a couple of Ornate Ghostpipefish delight few groups between this maze of granite boulders.   Speaking about Sharks & Rays, together with the Kuhl´s Stingrays in several dives we spotted a White Tip Reef Shark at Elephant Head Rock, a Baby one at Anita&...