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Blogs of KSA

Manta Queen I Trip #31, Challenge Accepted!!

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  We did this one like usual in our first day together with Anita´s Reef, with new encounters like a Black Ribbon eel, Ornate Ghostpipefish, Crocodile Flathead, together with the Flounders, Marbled Snake Eels, Pipefishes, Spearing Mantis Shrimps, Robust Ghostpipefish…etc.   West of Eden delivers again the usual goods with Ribbon Eel, Spearing Mantis shrimp, Frog...


Manta Queen VI Trip 118

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  With Julie also training there was Natasha, Sebastian and Fabrice. Diving with me there is Takahero, Patrick, Emmanuel and Dominique. Then with team Russia , Pavell and Boris.   Dive 2 Koh Bon North Ridge   Dropping down into the crystalline water for the second dive we arrived at 29 meters to be greeted by several groupers among the coral garden and bomi...


Manta Queen I Trip# 30, Where the wild things are

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  Second day bring to us the first big surprise few seconds after we jumped at the North Ridge of Koh Bon, graceful Manta Ray coming to check on us, a bit later disappear into the blue and we decide to enjoy the rest of the dive until a second and bigger one appear flying when few groups we were ready to do the safety stop. Was a great day to start the day, followed by another great o...


Manta Queen VI Trip 117

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    Day two on the dome at tachai again followed by three dives at richelieu rock. Richelieu was incredible great viz and low current with plenty of barracudas and a vist from walley the whaleshark to cap it all of. [embed=video]{"width":400,"height":225,"autostart":false,"controlbar":"bottom","backcolor":"#3333...


The Season of the Whaleshark...

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  Calm seas and sunshine greeted us for trip number 134 aboard the beautiful Manta Queen 2. We woke up on the first morning at Koh Bon as always. After an awesome check dive filled with Spearing Mantis Shrimp, Giant Moray Eels, Multibar Pipefish, and Nudibranches we went in again on the North Ridge for dive number two: More than half of the groups saw a beautiful Manta ray a...


Manta Queen III Trip 26 (2/Mar - 6Mar) Whaleshark, Mantas, Eagle Ray, White Tip, Turtle....

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      Day 2 and this is usually when we start seeing the big guys with Koh Bon and Koh Tachai both visited and both notorious hotstops at the moment. we kept our eyes out looking into the blue for something coming our way. koh bon came up short and koh tachai wasn't looking much better. we did have a couple hundred trevally's all hunting, juvenile angelfish and ...


MANTA QUEEN # 3 Trip #127

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    Welcoming back our chef who was missed so much after having a couple of trips off to visit her family. chicken cashew nut is always a favorite after our dives on richelieu. All the salads and freesh noodles and great curries, this is the best after all the dives and then getting served fabulous food to put you to sleep till the next briefing call.. So the unexpected ...


Manta Queen 6, Trip 116 - Mantas, Whale Sharks, Reef Shark!!

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            What a spectacle with a 5m Manta and White Tip Reef Shark at Koh Bon and a load of fish action at Tachai with a great variety of Trevally & Barracuda schoolling over the top of the dome. Richelieu was amazing as ever with plenty of hidden treats to show off to our divers, but this time something more impressive took ...


Manta Queen I Trip#29, 21 Ways to rub your nipples

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  Even our snorcheller on board enjoyed the Whale Sharks, and the Mantas we spotted in Koh Bon and…wait for it….in West of Eden, because we had three encounters with them, one in our second dive of the second day, another one the first one of the last day and the one in West of Eden our first day, such a surprise for the lucky teams. Kapppoomm, check and check!!!!!!   What ab...


Marble Rays, Mantas, and Good Times!!! MQ2 Trip #133 is BACK!!!

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    Next up were a few dives at Koh Tachai. Tachai is known to have some strong currents, but on this trip it was mostly calm there. The sunset dive was nice, with huge schools of Trevally and Rainbow Runners in the blue, just off the reef. There was a flurry of activity, as they were all beginning to hunt in the fading light. The next morning brought one more dive a...


Manta Queen I Trip#28, Hands in the air

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    But before this one we jumped at Koh Bon, some groups in the Ridge and some in the Pinnacle (Aka Hin Luang), where we had one of the surprises of the Season, 3 Massive Marble Rays (2 males and 1 females) in what looks totally like a mating dance. We stayed 15 minutes in the deep rocks next to this guys (few times their tails were passing few centimeters above our heads) watchin...



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MantaQueen 3 (25 Feb -> 1 Mar) Mantas!

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            The second day is when we normally see thing big things in the water. Some white-tips at Christmas point, plus what can only be described as the biggest barracuda ever got things started off. Captain shouts us to the front of the boat halfway between the Similan Islands and Koh Bon with a big group of dolphins chasing eachother and j...


MQ II Trip 130

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  We are now on our way to Tachai and after talking to the captain we have reports of sightings of manta AND whale shark, if we see whale sharks today on the first day and only the third dive we have decided it can't get any better and we'll go back to port and finish while we are on top jejejeje   Oh my god...... 3rd dive if the trip Koh Tachai, 5 minutes into the dive ...


Manta Queen VI, trip #13....

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      What an amazing group of divers!  It was a pleasure to share this experience with all of them and listen to the sounds of excitement and adrenalin fill the dive deck after our encounters.  Unforgettable memories above and below the water!       Every dive site visited on this Similan north tour gave us what we...