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Thailand dive Manta Queen 6 Trip 157 kick off at elephant head rock

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  We then made the best option to head south from Tachai to check out the action in the Similans! Manta queen 1, On a similar route, followed in out wake. Daren, meanwhile, was coaching his customers on the use of nitrox. A great way to extend your bottom time on a dive and feel fresh on multiple dive liveaboard. It's available on all trips with the manta queen fleet. ...


Thailand Dive with Sharks, Manta Rays and Advanced Open Water - MQ7 Trip 3

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      Guided by Manta Queen's Spanish stallion Jacobo she quickly aced all the skill modules and soon found her air consumption had improved 100% within just a few dives, easily clocking up 60 minute dives and surfacing with more air than most of the boat!   Congratulations Tara on completing your advanced open water with us   Donald Duck Bay a...


Thailand dive excited Tablamu pier with 16 guests from all over the world

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    The following Thailand dive, again on West-ridge was just as great and we saw some cool moray eels, octopus and pufferfish. With happy divers and full tummies we made our way to Koh Tachai where we dived the Dome of Doom and saw some bigs schools of fusiliers and moray eels. Day two of Thailand dive started in the Surin Islands at Gorilla Rock, with a visit from a cu...


Thailand dive Juan and Constaze did their PADI Advanced Open Water course with Gareth

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  When you are ready for your fabulous fish festival, be sure to book a three day, four day, or five day liveaboard trip with us at Khao Lak Scuba Adventures. We would love to have you! Congratulations to all of our many students on Thailand dive board this trip. Gerhard completed his PADI Deep Specialty course, so he is now certified to go down to 40 meters. Juan and Constaze d...


Thailand dive join KSA to complete in the PADI Dixcover Scuba Diving program

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  With a beautiful sunset we continued sailing further up north to the fantastic Richelieu Rock where we did our next four dives. We had a really awesome morning dive jumping at 6.45am with no other boats around and after about 20mins into the dive the 'biggest fish' in the ocean comes swimming by.   The majestic Whaleshark follwed by a group of cobias adn it was...


Thailand dive completing open water course with instructor Anna

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  West of Eden is our second dive where we get to see spearing mantis shrimp and colourful ribbon eels, next door we continue the diving on Island 7 at the well known Deep six. The night dive was changed to a calm spot around Island 4 as the current at Hideaway bay was too strong, but still the dive was good with plenty of morays and lobsters. Day 2 begins at the awesome Elephant...


Thailand dive PADI Advanced Open Water Diver course on Manta Queen 7

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  After another morning waking up in the Similan Islands we set out for Koh Bon while we all enjoyed a full on western breakfast with bacon, pancakes, eggs, fried tomatoes- the whole works! The sea gave most of the guests a chance to experience their first drift dive with no propulsion needed. We had three exciting dives there, getting to see all corners of The North Ridge, West Ridge,...


Thailand dive Advanced Open Water Course with Divemaster Trainee Shash

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  Richelieu was rockin' as normal and for the first trip this season it actually felt like it was back on form with zero swell and 30m visibility... the schools of fish were massing the divers on the inside of the horse shoe, with the company of many cuttlefish getting in their mating while the weather is right.... With being one of the only animals in the underwater world a...


Fantastic four day Thailand dive trip diving in the Similan Island and Surin Island

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  This time around we saw Manta Rays at Elephant Head Rock, Koh Bon's West Ridge and at Tachai Pinnacle. Also at Tachai Pinnacle we had a Whaleshark cruise by and hang around got a few minutes. So cool! We also saw a Manta breech the surface at Koh Bon during a surface interval in Thailand dive trip. Really cool to see.  As always, we had many students going their PADI ...


Thailand dive with amazing weather, sunshine and calm waters.

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    Thrilled with our dives and well fed with amazing breakfast of eggs and bacon and lunch we were full of curiousity with what we would find next. We started to make our way to Koh Tachai to dive the Dome of Doom.   The Dome did not dissapoint, among all the big schools of barracuda, soft coral, sea fans, there was some eagle rays, manta rays again and even a w...


Thailand dive trip149 with two of Phang Nga's diving legends aboard

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  Day one begins with our usual gentle intro and check dive on the well known Anita's reef where we can see garden eels and blue soft corals, once finished we then step up a gear and move to the amazing West of Eden and Deep Six on Island 7. Phillipe, Frank and Elisabeth continue their diving Education with Toni doing the Padi Enriched air diver course while Steve starts his dee...


Thailand dive in Koh Tao completed Open Water Course, Advanced Open Water and Rescue diver

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I am currently 6 weeks into a 3 month Duvemaster course and this trip will be my 4th liveabaord so far... This was the first trip that i had the opportunity to guide with guests on board... Following Rachel's group i mostly stayed in the back getting more of an idea of the dive sites and than being allowed ot stay down longer with the people who had more air... Moving from the back ...


Thailand dive adventure heading north to the famous sites of Elephant Head Rock

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  First dives are at Anita’s Reef, Deep Six and West of Eden. Anita’s Reef is beautiful, as always, the ‘whole roll of film’ rock swarming with glass fish and then, as we head north, blue-spotted stingrays are hiding in the sand before fluttering into the blue – stunning! At West Of Eden Carlotta our Divemaster and I have a bet about whether we will see...


Thailand diving scene at the Similan Islands and Surin Islands excellent diving locations

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  We had many students on board for this trip, with people completing their Advanced, Nitrox and Deep Specialty courses during this time around. Congratulations to Glauber, Marco, Zach and Artyom for completing their PADI Enriched Air Diver (Nitrox) course on board.   Great job by Ruben, Carlos, Victor, Jiapeng, Alesya, Nikolay and Artem for becoming PADI Advanced Open W...


Thailand dive amazing wow what a Manta trip with divers from Norway

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    Richelieu Rock as always did not disappoint and surrendered sightings of sea horse,octopus, barracuda, and the hypercolor spectacle that is the fighting and mating ritual of the cuttlefish.   Day two in Thailand dive, saw an stunning Dome at Koh Tachai finally bring one of the gems of the trip with Mantas feeding on the pinnacle. Day three saw Luigi, Frederic...