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Similan Dive in Thailand. Mantaqueen Best scuba diving liveaboard trip.

Similan Thailand Dive with Mantaqueen1-7 Dive Eat Sleep Repeat
Best scuba diving liveaboard trip. Please come and join us. If you cannot be with us - follow what we are doing until next time you can !

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Recent blog posts

Posted by on in Manta Queen V

Thailand dive setting off from Taplamu Pier we had no clue what an amazing trip on Manta Queen 5 it would be for three days and three nights!! First day we began at Koh Bon with our dive safety briefing and an enthusiastic introduction to the dive site by mixmaster Mattias. We wanted to wake up the guests a little so we decided to do the manta call…hands up, cross your fingers, lick them and…. RUB YOUR NIPPLES!! The guests thought it was all a joke when… MANTA!! Swimming right underneath the boat! A very quick kitting up and off on the check dive. It didn't disappoint with groups seeing octopi, giant moray eels, nudis and a huge variety of reef fish. 


Second Thailand dive on West Ridge came with not one, not two but many sightings of the manta ray, cruising gracefully around the dive groups over and over again. Wow! Beautiful! After this wonderful dive we set off once again and headed to Koh Tachai. 

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Thailand dive 8 Polls, 2 Sweeds, 2 French, 2 Chinese and a Japanese man, start of a bad joke? Nope this was the start of a KSA Manta Queen 6 liveaboard trip. It was just the other night that I was telling the new KSA instructors fresh from their instructor exam (congratulation again to all involved), that one of the greatest joys of this job is getting to know so many people from so many backgrounds and nowhere is that more true than on this cosy liveaboard that is MQ 6!


Anita's reef did give us even more excitement than normal with a pumping current we were sent for over a km to the north, seeing along the way a beautiful brown frog fish and a feather tail stingray. West of Eden supplied us with turtles, morays, hunting jacks to name but a few. Deep six saw more turtles and goes without saying magical swim throughs. Some of the guest decided the sunset was beautiful enough to warrant a beer, whilst others chose to hold off and jump in for a night Thailand dive.

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Thailand dive MQ3 Trip 161 Blog Manta Queen 3 and Manta Rays... A winning combination!!! This 2014/2015 season has turned out to be really great, with so many creatures visiting us at the different dive sites that we see along the way.


This trip was especially nice, with a Manta Ray in the Similan Islands at Christmas Point, then again up at Tachai Pinnacle we had another Manta Ray, hanging out and hovering over the cleaning stations directly in front of us for 15 minutes. Sweet! Of course we did three dives at the world famous Richelieu Rock on this trip as well.

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Thailand diving trip on Manta Queen 5 left the pier on the 23rd of January for another 3 day / 3 night trip. On board were divers from France, Sweden, Australia, Russia and Hong Kong. After a good meal and a good sleep we arrived at Koh Bon for our first dive.


The first dive of the trip is always a check dive, nice and easy for everyone, so you can imagine our surprise when some of our divers see a WHALESHARK right on that first dive!!!! Happy faces all around and high expectations for our second dive which is also on Koh Bon.

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Thailand dive Manta Queen 1 trip 161 Welcome liveaboard again for another fun packed adventure in the Andaman sea.After a smooth check in on the evening of departure we board Manta Queen1in Tablamu fishing port and set off for Island 4 in the Similans.


Day one starts as usual on Anita's reef with light current and good viz.

Arlenes group had a very rare opportunity to witness a giant moray attack and devour a honey comb moray as it was eaten from the tail to the head all captured on what a start to the trip.

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Thailand dive Manta Queen 2 Trip 175.Setting out again with hope in our hearts on departure night we had flat seas all the way to Koh Bon Island in the muiddle of the Similan National Marine Park... Waking up on morning of day one we were greeted with a wonderful sunrise over the limestone island which is where we started our adventure.


Koh Bon was lovely and lively under the water and the west ridge promised and delivered us Napoleon Wrasse and Sea snakes for all including the snorkellers to sea....Unpon hearing there was a 'giant' in the area we decided to try our luck and spend another dive on the west ridge to see if the great spotted fish would make an appearance for us, but sadly no great shadows were seen over head. So with smiles and hope still intact we headed north to Koh Tahcai to dive our sunset dive on the "the Dome" where the octopus were out to play.... still more sea snakes..

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The Thailand diving scene is alive and well, with the Similan Islands and Surin Islands being the centerpiece of what is a wide variety of excellent diving locations around the country.


With great visibility and loads of interesting marine life, the Similans are consistently good diving. This season is no different, with great diving conditions being the norm so far this year.

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Thailand dive Manta Queen 2 Trip 174 Setting off a late with this departure but never the less with excitement in the air as people were super excited to be out on the baot and for some it was their first liveaboard experience...


Absolutely loving the idea of doing four dives a day with all your beautiful food cooked for you by are expert cook with delicious breakfast with bacon and eggs and potatoes. Lunch was amazing as well with plentiful fruits and salads and curries.

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Thailand dive Trip 171 manta queen 6 was a busy trip, with so many courses on board we made the crew work for their money on this one. On day one with the gusty conditions we made seven drops to get the best for everyone. The experienced divers wanted to drop on sites out of range for the entry level divers, they got what they wanted, Anita's reef, west of Eden and deep six amongst them. Not letting anything out for the students they had dives on hide away, turtle rock to name a couple.


Day 2 and the wind seemed to be picking up, but after 2 lovely dives on whale back and turtle, we head north. Time for a lovely drop to let us drift onto the west ridge. You guessed it! The Dome awaited us to the north smile emoticon Man I love that place! The jacks were hunting like it was their last meal.

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Thailand dive Manta Queen 1trip 159 The one and only Queen in the Andaman Sea departs once again from tapalmu 

Day one started spectacular even before we touch the water. Just before we wanted to start the briefing a whale shark sought shelter under manta queen 1. Lucky us. smile emoticon maybe we should start our trip more often at the patong wreck. Good check dive. 3 magic dives on Richelieu Rock with a huge amount of marine life...and the day was over.


On day two concentrated our dive activity's on Koh Tachai and Koh Bon. On the dome the current was very calm so some of us finished the dive of on the second pinnacle - without anyone else. Good receipt when the dome is crowded. Awesome dives! Koh Bon, west and north ridge, waited with sexy coral blocks.

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Thailand dive at Koh Bon Manta Queen 2 TRIP# 173 As we set sail with hope in our hearts upon the gentle rocking waves of the Andaman Sea our excitment could hardly be contained with the prospects of what was to come. 


On our arrival at Koh Bon we were greeted by Napoleon Wrasse, sea snakes and ocotpus. After meandering along the wall during the start of the second dive we arrived down at the west ridge. With some current soming from the north we stayed on the protected side of the ridge spotting nudi's and sponge snails alike. Even the beautiful rossette's or the Spainsh Dancer's eggs...

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Thailand dive Manta Queen 3... is awesome! This last Thailand dive trip was especially great, with gentle currents and absolutely amazing visibility at many of the dive sites. Add in thousands of schooling Fusiliers at Tachai Pinnacle, Sea Moths at Elephant Head Rock, loads of Octopus seemingly everywhere, Napoleon Wrasse, Stonefish and so much other great stuff, and you've got the makings of a fantastic four days of diving!


When you are ready for your fabulous fish festival, be sure to book a three day, four day, or five day liveaboard trip with us at Khao Lak Scuba Adventures. We would love to have you! smile emoticon

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Thailand dive Trip 20 from Manta Queen 5 leaves Tablamu Pier with 17 Korean and 4 Scandinavian guests. Most of our ‘Scandi’s’ are doing their Advanced Open Water course on board the trip, so there’s some studying to be done for them. Most of our Korean’s are very experienced divers and brought some serious camera’s with them, not sure if that leaves any editing.


On our first day of our 3 day, 3 night trip we dive Koh Bon and Koh Tachai as usual. The current is there, but it’s not too crazy. The visibility is amazing again. We see the Napoleon wrasse, a great baracuda, lobsters, mantis shrimp, many many lion fish and so much more. We finish the day with a night dive on Tachai reef, a great dinner with the best chicken and an early night for most of us.

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Anita's reef was calling us for our first Thailand dive with near perfect conditions. The day carried on like that with not a breath of wind. When discussing with the Captain where we could dive all when got back was "up to you, up to you" something every dive guide loves to hear from the Skipper smile emoticon


Highlights on day 2 included a white tip reef shark and a huge Marble ray on Elephant head rock. Then it was off to the west ridge where the Captain suggested dropping on the North Ridge and drifting over the west ridge, as ever, a good call. Then it was North to the Dome! Was this weather for real? Would it hold out for the Rock that is Richelieu?

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Marcus, Merce, Emma, Geri, Dan and Estelle – the dive team on Manta Queen 7. Off again with Captain P’Noi and the crew to the Similan and Surin national parks!

Thailand dive On board with have a varied bunch of divers from all over the globe. Some are taking advantage of the training available onboard – completing PADI Open Water, Advanced Open Water or Enriched Air Nitrox training.


On day one after the ‘check dive’ (for safety we always spend the first dive at a simple, sheltered reef so that people can get back in the diving groove) we go to West of Eden. The conditions there are perfect and we see spearing mantis shrimp and turtle all in one dive. Later at Deep Six everyone is loving the swim-throughs and landscape; especially our Aussies on-board who can’t seem to resist a swim-through and love diving through them at every opportunity!

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Manta Queen 1trip 158 Welcome back to a fun packed 4 days aboard Manta queen 1 Our route has changed and evolved over the last few trips to try and increase the possibility of seeing Manta rays therefore we now start the trip at the Island of Koh Bon missing the Similan islands until day 3.


Ok so day one starts at Koh Bon in the bay among the coral bommies and glass fish for our check dive, the we progress to the west ridge for dive two with little current and excellent visibility.

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Thailand dive Manta Queen 2 Trip 172 Departing on a warm January evening for some peoples adventure of a lifetime. Small waves were waving us onwards towards Koh Bon which is where we began our adventure.



After 5 weeks of waves and strong winds it was a pleasure having flat seas on the morning of day one. there were small currents on the west ridge but those Napoleon Wrasses were out to play with both the female and the male making appearances with all groups..

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Thailand dive MQ3 Trip 157 BlogSunny skies and fabulous conditions greeted us aboard Manta Queen 3 this time around. We started the trip like always, with a beautiful check dive at Anita's Reef. From there we moved North the through the Similans and into the Surin National Park.


So many great dives along the way, at sites like Elephant Head Rock, Three Trees, West of Eden and Christmas Point. Koh Bon and Tachai Pinnacle had really clear water this week, and Richelieu Rock was in near perfect form, with 30 meter visibility and very gentle current. Octopus, Cuttlefish, Morays , White Tip Reef Sharks and so much more.

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Thailand dive to Donald Duck Bay MQ 6 TRIP 169 On the evening of the 1.1.2015 manta queen 6 made its way out of the busy harbour of Thaplamu into the big vast ocean towards the Similan islands. Aboard is a big variety of guests, from all over the world including, China, France, Germany, Italy, Denmark and Austria.



On the first day we started off with a beautiful dive at "West of Eden", looking at the sparring mantis shrip, big gorgonion sea fans and loads of other life. After a strengthening breakfast of eggs and bacon we headed towards "Whale Back Rock" and a massive lobster among all the other sea life.

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Thailand dive MQ 1 Trip 157.Weather predictions were more conducive for us to start our trip in Koh Bon. And a good start it was with an awesome good 1st dive with amazing visibility, followed by a most brilliant 2nd drift dive from the North Ridge to the West Ridge of Koh Bon.


We then set off to Koh Tachai with a boat full of international guest hailing from Europe and Asia. Dive 3 at "The Dome" was challenging but what a great experience for our 9 advanced open water students! We finished the day off with a sweet night dive at Tachai bay where some of us chanced upon 2 mating octopi. The group with more than a thousand dives between us have NEVER seen something like that before. Really cool.

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